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1st Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

[Rough Trans] 'Wetoriya'(I'm a loner) was released 4 years ago, and after that, CNBLUE released many hit songs continuously. But people are still calling them 'Wetoriya oppa'. Because of big success of 'Wetoriya', people tend to think CNBLUE with that kind of image.
Jung Yonghwa said about it, "Actually we still have that image. When you say CNBLUE, 'Wetoriya' comes next. Now I just think that we were so lucky with 'Wetoriya' and I'm just making music which I want to make. Till Re:Blue, I wanted to put away that image, but now I think I could make various music thanks to it."
Yonghwa admitted that 'Wetoriya' is part of themselves.
Yonghwa said, "And 'Wetoriya Oppa' sounds natural. 'Sorry Oppa' or 'Can't Oppa' sounds weird, doesn't it?"
Jonghyun added, "It's like 'Creep' of 'Radio Head'."
CNBLUE members said, "This album is taking different response from people who we know and our friends. We feel satisfied. We think that people are satisfied because we are satisfied. Definitely effort never betray."

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