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1 - The art work that artist Kim Yejin presented me!
The title is "inner peace"
She said that it expressed the tears and loneliness [hidden] inside the splendor..
Expressing the hope that the bond with good people will keep up, the red "thread" which connects singer Jaejoong (T/N: literally, "Jaejoong who sings") and the angel

RT @bornfreeonekiss: 김예진 작가님이 선물해주신 작품!제목은
"inner peace"
화려함속에 눈물과외로움을 표현해주셨다고..
좋은 사람들과의 인연이 계속됐으면한다는 의미에서 노래하는 재중과 천사를 연결해주는 빨간 "실" pic.twitter.com/ROlPUDIm5n

2 - The small people.. detail..

RT @bornfreeonekiss: 작은 사람들..디테일.. pic.twitter.com/NAQEx9EmYB

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