It's been an trying week at work. Making out all day with William Devry and then having to appease Maurice who kept insisting that his bicepts were bigger than his was exhausting. Laura Wright offered me her wine to calm my nerves, but I chose the gin that Jason Thompson keeps a constant flow of in his dressing room. I think we made out too but I cant remember cause I was too drunk. I vaguely remember Jane Elliott accusing me of stealing her spanx and then later finding them in Roger Howarth's dressing room. Tony Geary said something to me in Dutch and I dont think it was very nice, which offended Becky Herbst who doesnt like cursing in any language. All hell broke out during a party scene when Tyler Christopher got too close to the Wyndemere fireplace and starting sweating so badly they had to stop tape and replace him with the 40 yr old little person that plays Spencer. The last I saw Tyler, he was on his phone with his agent. Hopefully next week at General Hospital will go more smoothly.

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