I had the most amazing BLIND DATE tonite.
For those who are in Los Angeles, I highly recommend this truly unique show.
Here's the setup - as described by the LA Times.

"An attractive woman in her early 30s is sitting at the bar at the 3 Clubs in Hollywood. Anxiously leaning across the bar, she asks the bartender for the time. She looks to her phone, then to the door, then back to her phone. At first glance this moment might seem like the beginning of a real and typical first date. It's not — real, at least. It's the opening scene of "The Blind Date Project," a theatrical, purely improvised show performed every Wednesday night in the intimate karaoke bar.

"The Blind Date Project" is the brainchild of Serbian Australian actress Bojana Novakovic and co-director Mark Winter (Winter shares directing chores with Tanya Goldberg).

Just like her character Anna, Novakovic has no idea ahead of time who her "date" will be — even whether the date is male or female — until the moment the show begins.

Throughout the date, direction for the actors is sent via text messages and phone calls by the director in order to heighten tension and conflict. For example, in a recent show, Winter sent Novakovic's character the text "try and kiss him" and simultaneously sent the date a text that read, "whatever you do, do not let her kiss you."

THAT is the situation I walked into tonight. Bojana and I had never met and she was frankly more than a little taken aback when I came through the door. All I knew was that I was playing a man who was dying and desperately wanted someone to run away with for a few days before he was no longer able to feel alive. I had no idea what she wanted or much about who she was except for an faux "dating profile" she filled out that I got to read.

And so we began. The hour passed quickly. It was filled with laughs and also with a lot of tears. And 3 karaoke songs to boot. It was one of the most compelling and astonishing acting experiences I've had - so engaging, so daring and so much damn fun.

So, they hope to make this a theater staple here in LA. I highly urge anyone in town to go down and spend a truly happy hour with this lovely actress, his colleagues and whoever shows up that night. And my thanks to all for a wonderful night and fabulous date.

Next tweet will be a photo of Bojana and myself - post show afterglow.

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