My full interview with Jadaveon Clowney today. On 40 time: "I feel good about it. I wanted to get a little faster, but I’m happy about it."

On telling a reporter he had a hip flexor injury and skipping the field drills: "I just told them I really didn’t feel like doing it here. I was practicing working on my 40, I mean, on my combine work, and I just felt like I could do it on my pro day."

So hip flexors were never an issue?

"No, it’s fine."

On having concerns that skipping field drills would evoke more work ethic questions?

"No, I didn’t think so. I don’t think it should, but if they feel like it did, I can’t do nothing about it now. It’s over with. I look forward to my pro day."

What statement did you make with an explosive broad jump and vertical?

"I play with speed, quickness. I’m explosive off the ball. That’s about it."

What do you need to show in your Pro Day?

"Use of my hands well – explosive hands, using my hands, just really going through my bag real quick , which move, back and forth."

Thoughts on Dee Ford's comment that you run like a blind dog in meat market?

"He said what he feel like. I still got my own opinion what I do and how I feel about him." · Reply
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