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23rd Feb 2014 from TwitLonger

[Account] Yesterday(Feb.22) I went to the recording of SBS CNBLUE comeback show.
I suffered for 15 hours in cold weather and I'm lack of sleeping, so my memory is not accurate.

As I entered, my place was standing area, very close to the stage.
My first impression, Yonghwa became prettier. His face line was oval like an egg, looked girly.
Jungshin's new hair style was like a grasshopper or cartoon Blondie's husband. Every time he jumps, his upper hair flipped up and down, looked so funny. Anyway his short hair looked great.
Jonghyun put up his fore hair, looked like 1940s Hollywood actor.
Minhyuk is upright, neat and clean. He just smiled quietly.

Yonghwa said he went on a diet, lost weight for comeback. For 2 weeks, he ate only half amount for every meal. Then ordinary amount for 2 weeks then half meal for 2 weeks again.
Jonghyun said that Yonghwa hyung is 'god of diet'. And he said, "I didn't reduce meal amount, but since I started exercising, I lost 8kg."

Poisonous love(독한 사랑): I was so close to them, I worried that I could be captured by camera.
The lyric is poisonous. Something like 'My heart hurt, my heart tear apart to broken pieces.'
I guess this is the song that Park Shinhye said it pierce from the heart and Song Eunee said that she wondered if Yonghwa really experienced this poisonous love.
All four wore white shirt, their position was side by side in line, so I could see Minhyuk clearly too.
Jonghyun played red PRS. Yonghwa's is green blue glittering guitar(new one). Jungshin's bass was new one too, an ivory wood one. Minhyuk's drum was green and glittering too. All their instruments were very stylish, contrast against their white shirt.
Since I was too close to the bass, I couldn't hear Yonghwa's voice well.

Sleepless night(잠못드는 밤): The lyric was so sweet and soft. Why Jonghyun is writing this sweet lyric these days? I could tell it's Jonghyun's song from the start. We all were holding candles. (electric candle)

All four wore suit. Yonghwa is white, Jonghyun is beige, Minhyuk is light greet (looked like cucumber), Jungshin is pink.
It was four small separate stage. So standing fans went to their favorite member. Members chatted with their fans in front of them. I was sitting far on the seat, I couldn't hear what they chat. Jungshin said, "Ah, you guys will see my nostril only."

Love is: The lyric is like drama OST, a soft and sad love song.
I was standing side of Jungshin's side, I saw Jungshin and Yonghwa's right side.

Next was rocking stage. All four wore wild jacket. My position was seat again.

I'm a loner: The screen showed Bluetory album photos, they looked young and cute, so people laughed.
Coffee Shop: Yonghwa danced a lot. He danced too hard, he even stepped on the bass power switch, so Jungshin said,"Stop! the bass is switched off" Later it was Yonghwa who did it. In the middle, the jam performance was really wonderful!
I'm sorry: The ending performance was great. Jonghyun and Jungshin jumped on the drum stage.

Diamond girl: It's a modern, cheerful and stylish song. like coffee shop? Good to dance together. I like this song.

Can't stop: Actually all songs were so great. I can't pick what was my most favorite. But this song is definitely the most catchy. I can't forget the refrain melody.
After the first play of this song, all people admired. We all shouted Jung! Yong! Hwa! Jung! Yong! Hwa!
It started with soft piano, then changed to powerful drums. Minhyuk's playing is outstanding.

Children's song(아이의 노래): Yonghwa's piano and ten string players.
Four members wore white pants and colorful jacket. Ten string players wore all white dress. Yonghwa's piano was white too.
Yonghwa playing the white piano looked so great. Jonghyun and Jungshin sang chorus.
Since the song is soft, Minhyuk's powerful drum looked more outstanding.
The lyric is philosophical. The children's laugh soothes me, makes the world peaceful.

While recording this song, Minhyuk came out to the front to say something to the staff.
Fans shouted him, 'Sing! Sing!' Minhyuk said, "Why should I?"
Then Yonghwa played the piano and sang Star, "The star shinning far away in the sky~"
We and Minhyuk laughed, he went back to his seat, and with one stick he striked the cymbals 3 times hard chan chan chan!
When Jonghyun went back from waiting room, he brought handful of chocolate bars and gave it to fans in standing zone.
It caused a mess, fans pushed others to get closer to him to take the chocolate bar.
The director scolded him, "Jonghyun ssi! Go back to the stage! Guard! Guard! come here!"

I could tell how much they practiced. Their performance harmonized well.
Actually the director didn't know whether they make any mistake or not. Members (I remember Jonghyun and Jungshin mentioned once each) said they made mistake and asked one more recording.
For each song, they sang about five times, then fans went out and wait, the stage is rebuilt, members changed their clothes. It took more than one hour. So for one song, it took about 2 hours. 3 old songs were recorded at once. It was too cold at night to wait outside, but I couldn't go home because I really wanted to hear new songs. And I am satisfied because all new songs are good, worth waiting.

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