#dirtyimagine #jealousy #fight (written by @avonskeyy )

Justin's pov
as I'm on the laptop, scrolling through my personal twitter, I get a text from Ryan saying: 'dude I'm sorry but look at this' and with it is a picture of my girlfriend y/n, today snuggling up to some guy in the movies and I feel so hurt how can she do this too me? Was I not good enough, as I look at her twitter she's getting so much hate.

As I'm walking up and down the doorway waiting for that cheating slut to come through the door I feel tears coming and I feel stupid that I'm even thinking of crying over her "stop crying" I shout at myself grabbing a vase and throwing it across the room, it felt good doing that so I kept throwing things and screaming which was getting me more angry

As I heard a set of keys trying to find their way into the key hole I know hat it's y/n.

"YOU BITCH" I shout as soon as she's in the door "you cheated on me y/n?!! After a year of me being the best I can" I interrupt her before walking through the door

"Wait what" she says and shakes her head confused at what's happened "Justin fuck you're bleeding" she says and I march up to her stomping angrily "p-leease, do-nt hit me" she stuttered, fuck I've never hit her why would she think that?

"YOU CHEATED ON ME I SAW THE PICTURE" I put my phone in her face

"Let me explain" she cried tears streaming down her eyes

"Hurry the fuck up" I shout in her face slamming my iPhone across the wall watching it break

"It's just luke, he's my gay best friend, I swear look on his twitter, Instagram he has a boyfriend I swear Justin I'll never hurt you" she says and goes to grab my check before I grab hold of her wrist and her eyes widen frightened of me she puts the lose hand on her face for protection, with my free hand I stroke her cheek and she cringes

"Do you honestly think I'd ever lay a hand on you princess" I coo feeling bad, y/n shakes her head, before I grab her other wrist pushing her against the wall and kissing her hard "baby" she moans, I keep kissing her passionately, letting my earlier anger sink into her

"I'm so sorry baby" I saw breaking the kiss,

"Was my Justin jealous" y/n, says with a smirk I nod "well let me apologise baby" she says before taking kissing down my already bare chest, undoing my jogging bottoms and pushing them and my boxers down at the same time "fu-ck" I moan stuttering when she grabs hold of my dick, letting it face her mouth, her down on her knees staring at me batting her eyelashes while licking the already made pre cum,

"Don't tease" I demand, and she puts the top in her mouth before sucking harshly making me throw my head back, I grab a fist full of her hair and push her deeper into my mouth, helping her hit my spot while she's licking and sucking, I keep her bobbing until she gags when I realise her hair and she looks up at me once again, using her tiny hands wrap themselves around my member and moving it up and down furiously, never breaking eye contact

"Fuck this" I curse and pull her up by her shoulders and take off her top in one quick movement as she takes of her bottoms, and bra, leaving me to kick the puddle of clothes away from my ankles

"Bedroom?" She questions

"Fuck that, jump" I say and she looks questionably At me knowing weve never had standing up sex, but she shrugs it off and jumps, letting me grip her ass hitting her once on the bottom making her whimper, but turning us around letting her back against the cold wall, and me lining one hand above her head and one under her bum, as y/n is small it's easier than I thought, she lines me up with her without a warning I slam into her making her arch her body into mine "fuck" she screams "baby" she moans again

"Say my fucking name" I scream thirsting her ass again making her scream

"No one will ever make you scream like I do will they" she doesn't say anything just a line of curse words "answer me" I command smacking her bottom again

"Nooo no one will" she screams

"Fuck I'm about to" before I could even finish my sentence I cum all inside her, watching her break apart right along with me

"Well that was" she says pausing jumping of me and collapsing on the floor with me following "the best sex we've ever had you have to be jealous more often" she winks at me before kissing my cheek as we both sleep in my hall way completely naked on the cold wooden floor

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