[TRANS] Kim Bada mentioned Jaejoong in interviews:

1 - Last year, Kim Bada gifted 2 songs to rocker Kim Jaejoong's first solo album and also took part in the project. Kim Bada said, "I wanted to give my music to idol members. I have a great desire for it. Especially, I'm happy that Kim Jaejoong's first album got nice reactions. In the future, I would like to share many things for the development of music."


2 - Kim Bada talked about his title song "Moonage Dream", "Actually, I wrote that song for Kim Jaejoong as he asked me for a song for his 2nd album (WWW). But it was refused (laughs). My CEO thought that the song was good, he told me to put it in my solo album. So I arranged it again and decided to release it."


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