Meike Zane · @MeikeZane

9th Feb 2014 from TwitLonger

I could see Benedict taking pictures with other people, he's wearing a really nice outfit - including a scarf. I walked up with my portfolio opened to my drawings, he looked me in the eyes, then at the drawings, then back to me. He went "Oh wow, you.. you drew those?". So I said "Yes! I've been told that you've seen these before." Benedict replied "Yeah I have, you're brilliant!"
Then he put his arm around me, did the pointy thing at the drawings, we both smiled. Then after the picture he's still holding me, looks at the drawings again, then looked at me again - right in the eyes.. And says: "Keep drawing. Please keep drawing."

Aaaand after that a whole bunch of Starfury staff wanted to see my artwork and freaked out over it. :D

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