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6th Feb 2014 from TwitLonger

[Trans]DC Korean fan went to the poet, Park Nohae's photography exhibition on 6 Feb. When fan asked the poet, Park Nohae for autograph, she was asked how she got to know about the exhibition. She answered she came after Jaejoong had tweeted about it. So the poet, Park Nohae wrote this :

"Do good thing to people that are nice. Listen to the beautiful song of life together with the beautiful person, Kim Jaejoong - Park Nohae"

He even mentioned that Jaejoong came for the VIP exhibition when he just finished with his Asia Tour Concert. Jaejoong was almost in a state of prostration and so he hugged him tightly.

via 金在中最高_韩社长特助
Trans by @fourc_pyc

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