Thank you for all your kind words about Phil. Sadly, after being sober for years & years, he relapsed & has been grappling with his addiction for last few yrs. I wish I could say I was shocked, but all I feel is a mixture of terrible grief, sad resignation & a powerful rage.

Many, many people die from this disease. Like them, Phil didn't want to die. He fought hard to get clean. He had a family he loved, many friends who adored him & a career he was proud of.

But addiction doesn't care about that.

I feel that part of the problem might have been his shyness & his deep need for privacy, which prevented him from being able to be open with others about it.

Whatever the reason, his brilliant work will live on. From my very 1st acting class at NYU to the last time I saw him about a year ago, he was always the sweetest, shyest, loveliest man.

Much love to his family