[Fanaccount] #Yuchun's #ThreeDays first filming day (watch out: spoilers!)

I was there on his first day filming on 26/1, it started really early in the morning. But Chunnie was all smiley, vibe between the cast were great. ^^

Chunnie took notice of us too, never fail to take a glance at us during his breaks. It felt awesome! Like how often he gave such fanservice?

Filming was held outdoors. Weather was horribly cold with strong wind and we were all freezing. Chun had to bear with the cold doing running scene ><

Camera shifted a few times, once it was right in front of me and i can see the director's screen, hear his voice through the mike. It felt awesome!^^❤

Morning shooting was smooth with just few takes at each scene. Easy and short as it seems on tv but it isnt. Just talking scene had few angle takes.

During each break, Chun always take quick glances at us while happily chatting with his cordi. Too cute! I stole a few of his glance too XD

During lunch time, his manager and cordis went out for lunch, Chun only had coffee & small snacks in his van. He must be busy practicing his script.

Afternoon scene was with the president at a university hospital. It was a serious scene, Chun wore no smiles & were stiff looking.

I brought my binocular to take close glance of him, his eyes were swollen. Look tired during breaks but focus at every take. *Thumbs up!*

Im sharing these so that you know how professional Chunnie is despite having to juggle with his filming at both sites. It wasnt easy but he shown no temper or unhappiness. But he was all smiley and polite whenever he meets his seniors and staffs. That spirit is something i really admire~^^b

Credit: @emo_jolovestars

Compiled and retranscripted by Sheena

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