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28th Jan 2014 from TwitLonger

As I am foolishly wasting my time talking to that imbecile TruthBehindSel as she tries to prove me wrong, I write this for some reason.

She's attempting to prove me wrong so lets see how this goes as I write this while it's 3AM and I'd rather be watching my favorite TV show. Someone should tell her that it'd be nice of her to save characters in her tweets instead of putting that clingy smiley face acting as if she's not phased by me but whatever!

So I said
"No. She lives in Texas and came to me after my first exposing post when she realized I can actually write info correctly without hatred involved. How do I know she's telling the truth? Well the threats I get from Selena's family or the nice messages are receive, proving my source, is proof enough. Any other questions?"
And poor me thinking that she's actually worth while and will be respectful with me as I am with her. Instead, she implies I'm lying about my source and then claims that I apparently say I know everything when there are several things I don't know about everything and I said idk countless times. If you wanna dig that up on, be my guest. Did she prove my source wrong or find an error in something my source said that later was confirmed to me untrue? No. She did not prove my source wrong. Not only that, but then accused my source of telling me the Jelena info when all my Jelena posts have been written from connecting events together. No source needed since Jelena's personal life was always a public lie.

2. Then, she annoyingly talks about this part of this post which is an irrelevant point and it's beyond my thoughts to actually know why she brought it up. I used those two basketball pictures to show that Selena doesn't seem fond of Justin giving his attention to someone else so then she brings this photo as if I already didn't know it exists. That photo doesn't make the other two irrelevant. I used the photo to show my readers imagine this going on and that's all. Then she fights me by talking about WHEN Selena was unpleased by the little child. LIKE WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. Who fucking cares if Selena was annoyed after the little girl came up to them or before???? Who cares. It's irrelevant to my entire post. Right there, she claims she proves me wrong. Lmao what human with a functioning brain even processes this?? Clearly you have to be mentally deluded. Legit, her talking about the second Selena got mad, is like shooting someone and then talking about who was buying cheeseburgers in Asia. DOES IT MATTER????

3. Then she wanted to talk about this post and starts saying that Justin is indeed on the voicemail. No that is not him but that's not even what the post was about! I was talking about whether or not the voicmail was ON the album, not if it was him or not. Again, irrelevant details. Then she says that it was given to him as a Valentine's present even though the demo leaked in June 2013 and Valentine's day was in February; months before. Then the producer of the song SAYS THEY CAN'T ANSWER WHETHER OR NOT THE VOICEMAIL IS JUSTIN yet she stays to claiming that it is Justin. But who fucking cares if it was Justin or not???? She still leaked a demo to make people think it was on the album just to promote her album. Again, didn't prove me wrong and instead paid attention to irrelevant details. When I talked about Selena lying about writing Love Will Remember and Forget Forever, she says "everyone lies"

4. Then she attacks me because I retweeted someone saying they were at the Believe movie even though they were lying. I didn't know that because i only retweeted it to see what my followers thoughts on it were. I didn't go and make a fucking post about it and say "Omg Selena made Justin burn his fingers!!!" seriously....

5. Then she's like "You said Selena cried in almost every concert during Love Will Remember when she cried in only 4" YESSSS SIS THAT'S WHY I SAID A L M O S T EVERY CONCERT OMGGGG HOW STUPID ARE YOU.

6. She then says the OLLG lied about what Pattie said when the OLLG herself said she wasn't lying again, making excuses

And basically that's it.

Now show me exactly where I was proved wrong because I'm curious.

Also, don't claim I deleted tweets where you apparently proved me wrong because everyone following up with this pointless argument, knows I didn't delete anything and in fact logged on here so I don't spam my other account.

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