[TRANS] Junsu's video message to Jaejoong:

Happy birthday to you Jaejoongie hyung! Jaejoongie hyung is a person like Peter Pan, although he grows older, his visual ages backward. I'm also learning from Jaejoongie hyung so that I can become a person like Peter Panㅎㅎ. Are you with Jaejoongie hyung now, everyone? I want to attend and brighten up that place but... it's so sad that I can't. Today is Jaejoongie hyung's birthday, I hope that it will become a place where he shares interesting stories and nice time with fans. Best wishes to Jaejoongie hyung! I wish everyone happiness and hope that you will create unforgettably happy memories with Jaejoongie hyung. Thank you. Happy birthday Jaejoongie hyung!

Via @CheeseCakeJJ

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