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26th Jan 2014 from TwitLonger

A public apology to Rev. David Robertson @theweeflea of St. Peter's Free Church, of Dundee, Scotland.

Recently, Rev. Robertson wrote a blog post sharing both his thoughts and concerns regarding my arrest in Scotland. While I do not agree with Rev. Robertson, and while some of his conclusions are drawn from a lack of accurate information, my initial reaction was too harsh. I suggested that Rev. Robertson would be among those who would turn in Christians to authorities if/when real persecution hits Scotland. Such rhetoric is unwise, uncharitable, and uncalled for. Therefore, I retract that statement and extend my apologies to Rev. Robertson. I made the comment publicly, so a public apology is in order.

If my comments resulted in others attacking Rev. Robertson with ad hominems, I apologize for poorly leading you. Only follow me to the extent that I follow Christ.

Attn: @PastorJoshW

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