Statement on the twitter sentencing today: It's hard to get my thoughts together at the moment as my stomach is churning - hearing the outcome has made me realise how tense and anxious I have been feeling. But here goes. I did not attend the sentencing as I didn't feel I could cope with being in court with them - and I didn't feel sure that the judge would understand how terrifying and scarring the whole experience has been for me, which again is not something I could face. I feel immensely relieved that the judge clearly has understood the severity of the impact this abuse has had on me. The damages that have been awarded to me will be going to charity. When this has all sunk in I will decide which charity. I hope this statement covers enough for the media. I don't feel in a fit state to be giving lots of interviews at the moment, and as there are still other investigations on-going, I am still somewhat constrained in what I can say. Thanks for understanding.

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