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22nd Jan 2014 from TwitLonger

BANAs vs Cassiopeia: A brief summary and why I got angry

I want to talk about this. I want to talk about why I got so angry last night and ended up getting involved a little in the whole BANA vs Cassiopeia fiasco that's going on right now when I initially said I wouldn't.

But let's get something straight here. I'm not apologizing for what I said. I'm here to explain WHY I was so angry last night.

Also, I am not here to saying anything bad about B1A4. They have done nothing wrong. This is solely about their fans and their immature idiocy.

So here is a summary of how this all came about.

- B1A4 had high album sales.
- Cassiopeia began questioning B1A4 sales because they are much higher than B1A4's previous album sales.
- Cassiopeia began accusing WM Entertainment and B1A4 of 사재기, which is basically the agency buying back albums to boost up album sales and get higher points on music shows
- BANAs rebutted Cassiopeia's claims by saying that the high number of album sales was due to overseas bulk buying from fans, and their fansign event, as well as the fact that there are 6 versions of their album.
- Cassiopeia and BANAs continue to fight back and forth (this in itself is a whole can of worms, dear lord) while WM Ent. stays out of it, causing Cassiopeia to believe that the agency really did do something fishy since they weren't willing to bring forth any proof.
- SM Entertainment suddenly cancels all of TVXQ's music show activities this week, enraging Cassiopeia, who begin to assume that SM pulled TVXQ out of these activities to boycott WM Entertainment's activities
- Cassiopeia and BANA come to a shaky stalemate and agree to wait for official statements from their entertainment agencies.
- NoCut News writes an article about the 'buying back' controversy, which is immediately flooded with BANAs and Cassiopeia insulting each other.
- Cassiopeia call BANAs '사재기돌' (Buying Back-dols), and BANAs retaliate by making personal attacks, saying they should put glue in Yunho's drink, calling TVXQ has-beens, saying that TVXQ's popularity disappeared after the lawsuit, calling Changmin a cleft-lip idiot, accusing SM idols of trading sexual favors for fame etc
- A BANA sends a mention on Twitter to Jaejoong, mocking him for being adopted. A few of Jaejoong's fans / Cassiopeia send mentions on Twitter to B1A4 members (The order of these two events are not clear. And it isn't clear whether Jaejoong's fans or TVXQ fans sent the mentions)

THIS. This is where I got angry.

When I first came across the comments that made fun of Yunho's glue incident, I was shocked. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what happened, basically an anti-fan pretending to be a fan put glue in a bottled drink and gave it to Yunho in 2005, who drank it and ended up having to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. He ended up forgiving the fan because she was a student and because he is just that nice.

Yunho has admitted that even to this day, he is unable to fully trust any bottled drink unless he opens it first, especially drinks handed to him by fans or people he doesn't know. During a fanmeet, a fan gave him some bottled juice to drink because she thought he was thirsty. Because it was a fan, he couldn't say no, and started getting a little agitated. Changmin noticed this and swiftly took the drink from his hands, took a sip and handed it back to show Yunho that it was okay. Only then could Yunho drink from that bottle.

How dare you make fun of something that could have easily killed a person, and left them with deep-seated psychological trauma that will probably never fully go away. How dare some of you attempt to justify that statement by saying that "Cassiopeia called B1A4 사재기돌 first, so we're justified in talking about putting glue in Yunho's drinks." How dare you equate the danger of losing a human life to buying back albums.

I was a fan back when that incident happened and it was probably one of the most shocking and heartbreaking things I've ever seen in a fandom. Even former fans who have left still shudder when they think about that incident. It is the ONE thing we NEVER talk about because it hurts too much.

And yes, I have a soft spot for Yunho. He is a sweet, caring, warm-hearted man who has had the weight of the world on his shoulders from a young age because he's always been the leader. And he's gotten a lot of shit from people, more than the others. So yes, it hurts when any of them are insulted with personal attacks, but I can't bear it when it's Yunho.

And then Jaejoong gets dragged into this and made fun of for being adopted. A BANA decided to lash out and send him a mention on Twitter, mocking him for it. Are you people serious? A) He has nothing to do with this whole situation so why are you dragging him into this? and B) What's wrong with being adopted? What, is adoption a crime or something? It's just a part of his past and you bring it up like it should bring dishonor to his family or something.

To be frank, both BANAs and Cassiopeia have acted out in this incident. Both have said things to each other that shouldn't be said, and both sides have acted without reason. However, this fight should have been contained between the two fandoms and the agencies, it should have never bled out to the idol group members in both parties. Both BANAs and Cassiopeia are technically at fault for this whole event escalating to this level (though how much of the blame they should shoulder is up for debate)

I am especially disappointed in BANAs for the personal attacks they made against the current members of TVXQ, as well as Jaejoong. In the Cassiopeia fandom (both TV5XQ and TV2XQ), there are three pressure points (if you watch Sherlock, you will get why I use this term) The first is Yunho's glue incident, the second is the lawsuit, and the third is Jaejoong being mocked about his adoption. Congratulations, you hit all three of them.

This is my view on the incident. I tried to stay as neutral as I can in the summary part, but obviously I am inherently biased as a Cassiopeia myself. But I hope this becomes an opportunity for people to realize where lines should be drawn and respected, because this was and still is a complete shitstorm.

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