We would like to thank @IrrancaDaviesMP for arranging today's meeting at Westminster and all the MPs who attended. It was very heartening to see that during what was obviously a busy day in the Commons, such a large group of cross-party Welsh MPs came together to attend the briefing. In many ways it is an illustration of how significant an issue this is in Wales and the value and concern that exists amongst MPs and their constituents about the health and future of Welsh Rugby.

We had a very productive meeting with the MPs who quite rightly wanted a full briefing of the situation given the profile and concerns being expressed across Wales by many on the future of Welsh rugby and the role of the Regions within it.

For them this issue isn’t just about the cultural impact but the economic impact – the risk to jobs and investment in their constituencies. They have many concerned constituents who have voiced their worry over the future of the Welsh regional game and the possible demise of four important businesses operating within Wales.

The overwhelming feeling coming out of the meeting is that there needs to be a rapid resolution to the situation. Effectively the commercial arms of our businesses are paralysed at the moment. We all need solutions and one’s that will work and make sense in today’s competitive European rugby arena.

To that end, we would welcome the views expressed at last week’s Welsh Assembly debate calling for an independent inquiry and review into the current issues facing us and the WRU. We would warmly welcome and support such a review or inquiry, as we have before with the PWC report and the establishment of the PRGB.

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