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21st Jan 2014 from TwitLonger

My journey began last August, when I met Kristen Stewart outside the Campxray set. We saw how tired she was,but she was still so generous to stop for us.I now know why she was so tired,I just saw the movie a few days ago.Kristen puts her all in this movie.It is a very complex and difficult movie to play out,but she takes the role and makes it her own as always.Kristen portrayed her emotions so intensely that you could not help but get drawn into it,and become emotional as well.
When I entered the theater, I was a little anxious,because I just gave up a chance to get a another meeting and pic with Kristen.I knew if I saw the movie and the Panel,I could not get out to the back where I was waiting before hand,she exited there and some fans got to meet her.I decided however,I really wanted to see the movie she was so proud of with her, and maybe get the chance to ask her a question afterwards.I went down the stairs of the theater as close as I could get.I ended up being fairly close.I was looking around and taking pics,when I recognized this handsome man in front me.It was HBG,Kristen's Body guard. He was standing a behind Kristen.Then I saw Kristen, aww... she is so pretty and thin.She looks like her pics,but she is thinner in person.She was just hanging out,it was very casual in there, I could have gone up to her in there and said Hi,but the movie was starting soon.It was so weird,it is like seeing a movie in your local theater,and seeing it in a much smaller theater, except there is Kristen Stewart sitting there. I loved the opportunity to observe her.Her gestures,her reactions, just who is this Kristen Stewart girl?So while watching the movie,I also observed her reactions to the movie.The one thing I noticed was how comfortable the cast was with each other.Kristen had her arm around the director and was just so happy and talking with everyone.She does not have a stuck up bone in her body.Sadly,she has to be protected so much and that sometimes makes her have a invisible barrier with the rest of the crowd in the room.When the movie started,I was kind of weird looking at the movie and having Kristen with in my vision all at the same time.At one point of the movie, she had her hands behind her head clasped,you could see she was emotional.That particular scene must have been intense for her.After the two hrs was up,I was so exited I might be able to ask Kristen a question.I wanted to tell her how proud I was of her,and ask her a question regarding the movie.When the commentator picked the first person,he happened to be the guy sitting in front of me,the seats in the theater were made so that each seat was sitting a bit down from the seats behind them,so I look up at the stage and Kristen is looking right at me. I will always have that memory in my head.The guy complimented the cast and people cheered,I raised my hand up and put my thumb up when Kristen looked down on us.I feel proud to have showed her,I saw the movie and gave her my support.That is why we are here right? Not for the drama or the rumors,or even always needing to get a pic and autograph.We are here to support the actors that we love!I did not get picked,but I still enjoyed the opportunity to see this film with Kristen Stewart.She is a one of kind,and it is plain to see, she is very healthy and is able to separate her self from all the media and gossip going around about her all the time.She stays very connected to the people in her life and that shields her from all the craziness in the fandom. Kristen is like all of us,she seeks approval from others,I saw her get nervous before the Q&A,she might have been worried about our reactions,so when she saw how happy we were, it just lit her up with pride. I am glad I was able to be a part of that moment for her.

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