Newly #Rohingya massacre of Kiladaung, Duchiradan, Maungdaw, #Arakan #Myanmar
On 14.1.14, at 11:30PM, Rakhine mobs and RakhineHlun Taine entered Kiladaung East, a disperse settlement, Rohingya people from Kiladaung thought robbers entered as police didn’t wear uniforms, people tried to protect, and they left. At 12:30AM, a large number of mobs and some police came to Kiladaung again and opened fire to Rohingya, most of the Rohingya ran wherever they found the way, many people couldn’t get the way and hid in their houses.
The next day, on 15.1.14 morning, Rakhine authorized persons with some Rohingya leaders including Mr. Jahangir came to Kiladaung and went around the village, accused Rohingya that they killed a Rakhine police and his weapon was concealed somewhere, and officers asked some villagers about that police, Rohingya said they had no idea. They took pictures and video of the villagers and the whole village in order to deceive the World.
After they left, Rakhine mobs and security forces went to Kiladaung at 1PMand started slaughtering one by one entering every single Rohingya’s house including babies.
On 15.1.14 at 6:30PM, a Rohingya went to Kiladaung ,who was in Gadusara on 14.1.14 and slept that night there, he took risking his life to know about his family, he saw one place 3 dead bodies whom he knew they were as follows:
1. Sakera Begum, daughter of Omar Miah 35 years old
2. Rahimullah, son of Ali Husein 15 years old
3. Zahir Ahmed, son of Ali Husein 12 years old
Another place he saw dead bodies of 30 girls, 5 kids and 7 young men. As he was so scared he couldn’t check them in the dark. He moved slowly near to his house, nothing left in the house, he said I couldn’t control myself, I don’t know where were my 2 sons, one daughter and my wife. As he came out from his house, he saw from distance some Rakhine were coming, so he took another way to go out from the village, on the way, he saw dead bodies of 10 kids and nearly 60 girls, another place near a lake, nearly 120 people’s dead bodies, were found.
Myanmar National T.V announced 60 people died in the conflicts, I think it will be 10 times more than that because State usually reduces numbers 10 times less.
There were 340 houses, more than 4000 Rohingya lived there but the whole village is emptied, Rakhine mobs with the help of security forces taken away all Rohingya’s properties, cattle, chickens, even doors and woods of houses.
On 15.1.14, in Taung Bali, Du NyaungPyinGyiMosque(ShudaFara) where 5 Rohingya from Kildaung were hiding, police came and arrested them.
On 15.1.15, Police went to Kiladaung West village and arrested 15 Rohingya, suspected of Kiladaung East villagers.
On 16.1.14, at 10:30AM, following Rohingya from Gawdusara were arrested and brought them to NatalaRakhine village by Rakhine police, people believe that they were killed there:
1. Hafiz Nur Huda son of M.V Lalmiah
2. Fazal Ahmed son of Ali Husein
3. Abdu Hannan son of Sultan
4. Jamal son of Muhammad Sufaith
On 16. 1. 14 at 2PM, 2 Rohingya ladies went to Kiladaung to see their families. As they approached near the village they saw 3 dead bodies, they were so scared and ran to Gadusara village, on the way some Rakhine mobs followed them, one of them felt to their hands, they took her away, another lady escaped to Gadusara of Maungdaw.
Myanmar regime has been misusing Buddhism, formed 969 Buddhist terrorist gangs to terrorize Rohingya, Muslims and Christians systematically. I have been writing how the regime created violence everywhere. In the name protecting Buddhism and Buddhists, they built Dhammar-yun, Buddhist worship house in every street, every ward, and every village.
Regime has been using legal method to create violence everywhere, slaughtering and torturing everywhere. All police, security forces, NaSaKa, military, judges, courts, immigrations and Hlun Taine are controlled by central Government of TheinSein which has been ignoring the reality because it is State sponsored genocidal plan. One million Rohingya have been being blocked since June 2012.
Rohingya couldn’t offer any concrete evidence of Kiladaung massacre. As State creates systematically, it is not easy to get evidence. I would like to request International Investigation to go to Kiladaungas soon as possible.
In every violence ,happened in Burma, security forces and police directly involved as events happened in front of them, after every violence, Government is busy to wipe out all evidence, arrests all eyewitnesses, most of them tortured to death. Court needs evidence, the World needs evidence, State knows well how to conceal and wipe out all evidence; threatens people, blackmail people and torture people in order to conceal evidence. Depriving of education, most of the Rohingya became uneducated , State uses that weak point effectively.
If International Investigation comes to Kiladaung of Maungdaw now, they could see how did police and Rakhine mobs slaughtered Rohingya and looted all their properties. I beg all World Media and International Communities to send International Commission before Government wipes out all evidence of Kiladaung ,Maungdaw. State has plans to create more violence in Arakan, Burma very soon, Senior General Min AungHlaing and Wirathu visited to the whole Arakan State in order to instruct violence systematically, that’s the reason they didn’t visit any Rohingya refugee Camp of Arakan.
On 15.1.14, Famous monk ThitaguSayadaw led a conference to implement 969 policies everywhere with the help of Government; they forced to implement 1982 discriminatory laws and regime’s policies against Rohingya and non-Buddhists. State has been denying existence of Rohingya as a genocidal program.

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