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Translation from German original published 14 January 2014 at

Open letter written by Turkish German bestselling author Akif Pirinçci

in reply to an open letter to sex buyers titled "Til dig der köber sex" by Tanja Rahm (http://spaceinternational.ie/staff/tanja-rahm/)

[Translator's note: Pirinçci uses the familiar "Du" form of address in German.]

Reply to your open letter: Dear former whore Tanja Rahm
By Akif Pirincci

Although: former, really?

Dear former whore Tanja Rahm,

in an open letter to “sex buyers” you write about your erstwhile profession and chime into the current prostitution debate by publishing very intimate details that are probably supposed to harrowing. I’m assuming that this accusing confession has been published in several European newspapers and online portals, and furthermore I’m assuming that you aren’t really expecting a john to reply to your letter, since they’re supposed to and had better feel ashamed about their ‘misdeeds’ ¬– which you made excellent money from, by the way. You were simply giving your proselytism a dramatically personal note and form.

Unfortunately, dear Tanja, you got another think coming, because I’m replying to you as a former john, who in those days made ample use of the services offered by you and your kind. It is very clear from your letter that you were not forced into this job but that you did it, as you yourself admit, to “earn money.” But these two words already expose the rhetoric with which you try to obscure the core of the matter in the rest of your text. Earning money sounds a bit like, “sitting at the supermarket checkout” or “selling baseball caps at a store”, after all. And you, well, you spread your legs for strange men. Where’s the difference, right? That there is in fact a tiny but critical difference and that only a certain kind of woman can “earn money” in this way is something I will go into further below.

You immediately make rather absurd statements. The johns, you suggest, in all seriousness thought that you were doing what you did with lust and love, and didn’t even realize that it was just something you wanted to get over and done with quickly. How did you even arrive at this ridiculous assumption? There are maybe seven men in the world who think that a whore is a woman who is insatiable in that regard and starts screaming with lust with every new client. But those men are disabled. And you don’t want to discriminate against the disabled, do you?

No, Tanja, the men pretty much don’t give a fuck whether the object of their desire feels any lust while carrying out this ‘professional act’ or is thinking about the latest episode of her favorite TV show. They want to get their money’s worth and nothing else. The whole thing is a play in which everyone knows and sees through their role, and the role of the whore is that of a woman who ‘just got horny’. Apparently you were pretty well-behaved in your role for all those years.

“If you thought you were a saint because you asked me what such a cute girl was doing there, then you lost your halo when you asked me to lie down on my back moments later…” You’re reading a lot into that, Tanja. Indeed I asked myself that with some girls too, why on earth they were doing something like that when they looked like straight from a beauty pageant, with their gorgeous bodies and heavenly faces. It was only later that I gave myself the answer. Other than that I put them on their backs immediately. I wasn’t in such a philosophical mood when I went to the whorehouse, you know.

Then you go on to speak of hardships of a more intimate nature that you had say you had during your “work” and say, “I only had disdain for you left.” Why do you say something so evil, Tanja? All the pain and the ailments obviously didn’t stop you from pocketing more dough in 20 minutes than other people make in two days of hard work. In the establishments I frequented, the women even demanded as much as a regular month’s wage. You know, when someone pays me a lot of money for a book, I can’t say, ‘I’m drawing a black right now but I’m keeping the money’, either. Your booboos are seriously the very last thing that interests a brothel-goer – after all, he’s going to a whorehouse and not a hospital to give sick women his get-well wishes.

“You didn’t see the person inside. You only saw what conformed with your illusion of the horny woman with the insatiable hunger for sex.” Exactly, Tanja. But that’s not meant in a nasty way at all. Apparently you don’t grasp the basic rules of your former trade to this day. I’ll explain it to you: if you go to a shoe store to buy shoes, you don’t want to hear the shoe saleman’s life story. Of course one should treat the shoe salesman as well as the whore with respect, as is right. However, whoring differs considerably from other jobs. Here the participants move in the realm of the basics of human existence, in an animal realm, if you will, that is so charged with unspoken passions, fantasies and fetishes that roughness, obscenity and yes, in extreme cases even violent misunderstandings can easily occur.

“When you buy sex, that says a whole lot about you. Your views of people and your sexuality. In my eyes it’s a pretty big sign of weakness, even if you confuse it with a sick form of power and status.” Nope, Tanja, that’s precisely what it doesn’t say. What it says is that the man doesn’t currently have a woman at his disposal. That stuff about status and power is something you probably copied from some of the feminist’s moronic theories. You can see this in the fact that even poor men like to visit whorehouses. How do these men have power and status, pray tell? Do explain that to me, please.

“The prostitutes are only there because men like you are standing in the way of healthy and respectful relations between men and women. The prostitutes only exist because men like you feel entitled to satisfy their sexual needs in the orifices of other people.” Right, now we’re slowly floating into the eye of the hurricane. In the following you use a lame sex advice column tone to say a lot about the “core of his sexuality” that the john hasn’t found, “profound and close relationships”, meaning true and good ones between the sexes, and about how “sex is not a commodity.” All well and good, Tanja, but there’s just one little snag, or maybe two. For one, no power in the world will be able to change that men have ten times more testosterone coursing through their veins than women. The stupid thing about that: the stuff isn’t responsible for morals! Of course it doesn’t just turn a man into mindless animal; he’s certainly capable of employing his desire within a system of rules together with the woman and to the satisfaction of both. But to believe that you can stop the spontaneous eruptions of the T-thing with such moral little treatises as yours after your 'work' is done is a laughable delusion. But it gets even worse, Tanja. Because in fact the exact reverse of what you said is true. Prostitution doesn’t exist because men are willing to pay money for it, but because prostitutes exist. See, the vast majority of women can’t do this job, you have to be more or less born for it. Woman has an evolutionary inhibition threshold when it comes to promiscuity, even if she has more sexual partners over the course of her life now than in former times. But a woman who lets ten different strangers mount her every day is rightly called a whore. Because this ‘talent’ isn’t something all women have, not by far. So in other words, you had it all back to front: first comes the whore, then the john. As long as there are women who show men with a wink that they can have a go if they’re prepared to spend a little, there will be the world’s oldest profession. And believe me, Tanja, there will always be this kind of woman.

Another thing you omit in your letter is the fact that prostitution is quick money, faster than, say, gambling on the stock exchange. Because even the most hard-boiled stock gambler experiences phases of painful fear when making a risky decision. The whore, on the other hand, knows exactly what’s in store for her – and that it will be over quickly, not without leaving her with a stack of cash. However, most of them suffer from a deformed personality in this respect also, and throw all the money out the window again immediately.

Oh, by the way, Tanja, you’ve remained loyal to whoring despite your exit. Only that you’re no longer prostituting yourself with your body but with your opinion. And I’m not buying that you’re producing pamphlets like this because you were suddenly overcome with ‘morals’ and decided you want to help mankind see the light.

For you are backed by powerful feminist organisations, possibly even big politics with a gender ideology, who support you financially, and on top of that probably even a publisher planning to cash in on your tale of woe soon. Personally I have no problem with that. Just leave me alone with your dishonest babble. And the classy whores.
Best regards!


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