Statement re Lord Rennard:

"Faced with the opportunity to take strong action, the Liberal Democrats have once more opted for cowardice. They have failed to say Lord Rennard's behaviour is unacceptable, they have failed to discipline him and therefore have failed to give victims the justice they deserve. Alistair Webster QC's statement that "It is my view that Lord Rennard ought to reflect upon the effect that his behaviour has had and the distress which it caused and that an apology would be appropriate, as would a commitment to change his behaviour in future" is only a step in the right direction."

"Since this news became public, people from across the political spectrum have approached me to say they too had been a victim of someone abusing a position of power. Today's verdict, and failure to take action, sends the message that this behaviour can go unpunished."

"Now more than ever, the political parties must match their rhetoric with action.

"Women should not be afraid to speak up, and good men should not be afraid to support them."

"I stand by my previous statement and am taking legal advice."

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