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12th Jan 2014 from TwitLonger

A former prostituted woman responds to my 'Prostitution, Pornography & the Illusion of Choice' piece. Her experiences make for horrific, but necessary, reading:

Submitted on 2014/01/09 at 2:17 am | In reply to Amber, Escort, South West, UK. sex: female, gender: female, sexual orientation: bisexual.

I, as a former prostitute, think you are full of shit. If I had the education to be something else than a prostitute, I would have never had been in that fucked up “industry.” You are sugarcoating all of the down and dirty details. I always fancied myself an escort, and not a hooker. Escort sounds more appealing, doesn’t it? I remember how it felt being fucked from behind, and the guy trying to pull the condom off, saying degrading things to me, being nice when I really wanted to murder the JOHN, being raped in a “safe” whorehouse, being out all night doing drugs and drinking so I could deal with these horny scumbags, I remember quite clearly the smell of a guy who hadn’t washed his ass, and who demanded a blowjob, I occasionally have flashbacks of laying on my back, his sweat dripping down on me as he screwed the hell out of me, and it hurt like hell! I remember giving blowjobs, and guys pushing my head down on his dick and choking, I remember the guys who always tried to rip me off if they couldn’t come-like it was ny fault, Oh yes, I remember being choked, them begging to cross my boundaries, the drivers who always hit on me, the hotel clerks who always bothered me , the John who bit my clit (by accident- yeah right)..Sometimes I think about the horrible smell of their breath when these scumbags used to try n put their tongue down my throat… Oh it is so not empowering laying on your back for a living. There’s always the chance of being murdered, remember?! Now I was a high class escort and look what happened to me. I could on, but that’s all I want to talk about tonight. This is not an easy or glamorous job. I ended up in the psychiatric hospital three times. Today, I am free..Hey, girls have gotten kidnapped, forced to stay in a guy’s apt for days, one girl I knew had her eyes sewn shut by a John! What I am writing here is real. We are all holes for these men. Sure, they may chat you up, but they are essentially paying to rape you. I didn’t want to be in the situation I was in. Either I become an escort or be home less..What a choice, hmmm?

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