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#동방신기 7th Album 'Tense' Changmin's Thanks To (full)

I write this essay this time with my heart full of gratitude because it is for my beloved family in our company and my beloved fans, who have always supported me and have allowed me to spend such blessed times as Choikang Changmin, a member of TVXQ... To everyone around me and my friends, I am sorry. (heart) Having said that, it seems I cannot even include every family member in our company... but I love you! I love all of you!! I am sorry! I really love you all... please understandㅋㅋㅋ //@// Firstly to the family I have always loved: Father, Mother, Sisters... and even Mangdoongie, who's like a little rascal... I love you all. ^^ To our teacher Lee Soo-Man whom I truly respect.. To us, your existence is like the the shining polaris in the dark night sky. Though this sounds quite mushy, it is a fact: I respect you from the bottom of my heart... Although you are the ship captain in the constant storms, I always learn a lot from you when I see you embracing all the family members in our company with love, security and warmth, and even now, moving briskly on towards a better tomorrow. Please stay healthy!! ^^
The person whose crudeness I complain about every day even though I know that you are a very warm person – our president Kim Youngmin! I love you (heart). To director Han Seomin who has remembered everything about me from the signing of the first contract till now. Though it has become harder to meet you now that you have to take care of a bigger family, I am always, always grateful to you, director Jung Changhwan^^ To director Nam Soyoung who has always been seated at a position several metres higher than me(ㅋ), the one whom I would continue to follow without a word; and her other half, Dokyung hyungnim, the handsome middle-aged man ^^ The one to learn so much from; the one who has been leading, refining, and helping the both of us even till now like our mentor – director Yoo Youngjin... I respect you indeed!!^^ The management head! Our captain Youngjunnie hyungnim whom I like a lot! My love Cho Kyu, whom I'll have wine with~ Soon!!ㅋ And the one who has recently had a beautiful daughter and had been promoted as the team leader – Jooyoungie hyungnim, whom I love and treasure a lot! To hot body hot guy Won Kyongjae hyung, who has a body of a space monster from head to toe. To the one who speaks very much like a robot but is not that cynical on the inside – though neither is he that enthusiastic really – Iron Man Mark 6 Jaeyongie hyung! To the adorable Buseong hyung who has joined us not long ago~ let's be closer~! To the one who claims to have been receiving good songs everyday, and praises me a lot every time we meet; the one who kept on saying sweet words to the extent that I thought he might be a crook – our department head Lee Sungsoo hyung^^ Our Gold(en) Miss Yoo Jaeni noona who got promoted~ Hurry up and meet a good guy soon!! To the coordi whom I really like personally even though you have only worked with us from this album on – our Tom!! Seonhoo hyung! I hope to go on till the end together with you, hyung!!ㅋ
To our composer and lyricist hyungs and noonas who have come up with great songs and great lyrics – Hanjinnie hyung, Kenzie noona, Jinu hyung, Bumin noona, Hyunnie hyung, Taesungie hyung, Gwangwookie hyung, Andrew hyung, JQ hyung, Jinhwannie hyung, Jisangie hyung, Kim Jeongbae nim, Park Jiho nim, Baek Suncheol nim, Seo Jieum nim, Jang Yeonjeong nim, Shin Agnes nim, Jeon Gandi nim, as well as our chauffeurs Nam Gongjin nim, Lee Sungho nim, Jongpil Brother, Euiseok Brother, chauffeurs Kim Chulsun nim, Lee Minkyu nim... always... I'm always so thankful (to you all) for polishing, refining and transforming our voices into hearable music!!!^__^ It's thanks to team leader Sonyoung nim's hard work this time that such a cool music video could be created. Of course, it wasn't the team leader's work alone, but I would like to convey my gratitude (to him) on behalf of everyone who has put in all the hard work. Also, many thanks to director Hong Wongi and everybody in the Johnny Bros family for working so hard during the 3 days it took to create such an impressive music video. The media PR team's Eunah noona, Sanghee noona, and the rest of the noonas^^; Artiste monitoring team's Yoonju noona and the rest^^; CRM team's Hyeyoung noona, Hyosil noona, who have always been working very hard ^___^b And to Shim Jaewon who always makes me do impossible things with my body... You'd better watch out... If you keep doing that I'm going to shoot you... in the head (lit. “with a headshot”)...ㅋㅋ Love, love, my love Hwang Sanghoon ung-ah*!! I love you... I love you!!! I want to follow you but I seem to be lacking a lot... Please... Please take me in as your pupil... Rulers of the stage^^ Professor Jinseokie hyung, wild black horse Haechangie hyung, Hyunseungie hyung who is now a father^^; our Brother Jack Wonhee hyung, our Hyungjunnie hyung who has worked really hard, Bae Guyoung hyung who has no soccer talent, Hyojae hyung who has always tried to teach him somehow, (and) Taewoo who has had a hard time between the two of them^^ Subin-ah I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back quickly!!!!! Just because you'd be busy if you come back, don't ignore the place we've left for you, you buster!!! ㅋ To London Pride and Jenny House family who have always tried their best despite being under lots of stress, and worked so hard in preparation for our activities this time, thank you.

Translated by @kikiikyu
Proofread & edited by Elaine @eLing_611

Changmin's Message to Cassiopeia

The ones I really feel grateful to are every one of our 'Cassiopeia' fans.
Honestly, in these 10 years of activities, I'm also only human... So it's not all the time that I always feel happy...
I'd also feel that it's tough, be exhausted, get angry, get tired out, and will feel like taking a break... I would have these thoughts...
As for when those things happened, I can no longer accurately remember... But there was once when it was tough like that, I still had to go up on stage to perform~
Honestly, it wasn't even a particularly big, or glamorous the stage...
I went on stage feeling like I was having it tough, and I thought to myself inside- to do it as per usual. I just have to do what I have to do diligently, and after that I'd be able to go down and rest... Even now, I'm not clear as to why I was like that then..
But that day, when I stepped on stage and saw all of then fans holding their red light sticks and heard the sound of cheering for us,
For a moment, I felt it was surreal. Because I felt a certain kind of warmth...
I, who had originally felt that it was so difficult and tiring, my heart was melting like snow, unknowingly, it had also melted open...
These words might seem too much like meaningless lies to some... Or maybe many people might also feel that these words are merely sweet nothings for the fans...
But what I felt at that moment... was the truest of my heart...^^
Time has yet again passed a little more, and from a certain point, I realised that we've become considerably established senior singers, I was quite shocked at that...
At a certain moment, it suddenly became clear that I am a person who has received so much love and support all my life, and am living a life so full of these blessings~
In the past, I was too embarrassed to convey my gratitude to the fans, so I couldn't express it properly... When I look back at myself then, I now feel a little regretful...
When I think about it... what I've received is something that I'll never be able to repay no matter how hard I work, even for the rest of my life, this much love... That's me^^ At least in my personal opinion, but there is no way to measure the depth of love. And no matter how you put it, the great love that all of you have given me...
Regardless of whether it's just me... or both me and Yunho hyung... We'll never be able to repay your love no matter how hard we work! Nevertheless, we'll still work the hardest to give it back, from now on we'll put in even more effort! Be even happier! And show a more blessed side to everyone in our activities...^^
Thank you all for always being by our side... I love you (heart)

Changmin's Message to Yunho

When we release this album, TVXQ would also have become 10 years' singers^^
Time has really passed so quickly...
From when we started out 10 years ago, we have been through so much difficulty, it seems that we were only able to walk on till now due to all the support, care and love from our fans who have stayed by our side all the way^^
This number '10', how should I put it... Actually, it's only a number...
Everyone's heart and mind is different, whether it can make one excited... is really fascinating...

To our Yunho hyung who has been with me for 11 years
Even though hyung is also only a human who cannot be perfect all the time!
(Of course, I'm a completely messed up kid tooㅋㅋ)
But I'm very thankful for having a hyung like that by side up to now
I'd like to thank you hyung, once again from the bottom of my heart^^
I hope that in the future, as we go on quarreling and at the same time working hard at moving on handsomely, let's have a disgustingly(?) good time wallking on forever!!
Hyung, thank you~ d^___^b

translated by @kikiikyu
I'd appreciate it this was shared with credits, or if the link was just RT-ed^^

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