Re PK Subban; #Habs. He had a bad giveaway earlier in the game carrying the puck in his own end. He takes a penalty for punching at the end of a scrum. People talk about his benching. He benched himself for 2min to start the third. You're all so busy fawning over him. From a coaching & team perspective I have no problem with what MT did.
He may not be the right coach for MTL in fact barring a 2nd rd appearance or better I think he'll be shuffled off at the end of this season. But in a game where your listless passion less team had 15 shots after two periods with little interest in battling down low to creat anything, you don't let your 'star' run carte blanche.

I'd like anybody who played competitive hockey beyond the age of 12 or who coached in a competitive environment to tell me what MT did was wrong.

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