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My friend Hyukjae who went to see December yesterday... It's Eunhyuk now w Calling him Hyukjae is easier. Name does not matter.. Irreplaceable friend of mine!! Even now being with you seems like I'm back in elementary school who believe in Santa Claus... I'm sorry and thank you always. pic.twitter.com/YsHZ4L3f2b

어제 디셈버를 보러와준 내친구 혁재..이젠 은혁이지만ㅋ 난아직도 혁재가 편하다. 서서름없는..둘도없는 내 친구!!지금도 너와있으면 산타클로스를 믿던 초등학생때로 돌아간듯 하다...항상 미안하고 고맙다.

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