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3rd Jan 2014 from TwitLonger

RT @taeccool If a person who doesn't even help or supervise gets promoted, what becomes of the people who are helping and taking care of things right next to me, is it really a choice that is possible to understand? How can fans understand a company, that even I, as a celebrity with it, cannot comprehend? In the year 2014 JYP Entertainment requires a reform.

Instead of marking only the time you arrive at the office and leave, it is necessary to reborn as a company that knows how to work. If a person who works at an entertainment company is not entertained, then how can you satisfy the general public? One of the "Big Three", whatever. Instead of putting emphasis on the name, it's time to ensure the internal stability.

If our company is aiming for the best in 2014 as well, I think that it depends not only on the producers, but also on the strength of our company's employees. For the unappreciated JYP staffs but who deserve the actual credit.

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