#Turkey #Erdogan #Revolution TURKEY : STATEMENT OUT OF CONTEXT

Last Sunday, during my final RIS lectures, I spoke about Erdogan. I said that I criticized him when he was thinking of changing the Turkish regime and staying in power as a President. I was referring to what I said one year ago as I mentioned that I liked what he philosophically said to Mubarak : "We all have to leave one day, so you better leave now"…and I added : "Erdogan should learn to leave as well, at the end of his term".

This quote was used yesterday to say that I am asking Erdogan to leave now, during the current controversy, while comparing him to Mubarak in Egypt. I never said that and I never made such a silly comparison. I have been (constructively) critical of the current Turkish Government while acknowledging important positive reforms and contributions. To use an old statement out of context to support one camp against another is unfair, and dishonest.

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