[Trans] 131226 K-STAR... Idol growing as an artist, JYJ

There is a group that spent a very busy year - whether separately and together.

Always in the best shape and top spot, Hallyu star JYJ celebrates its 10th year with a lot of activities.

As ever, it was a continuation of achievements in 2013 for JYJ. No one could easily build a record, and nobody shines even more. So let's look back in 2013 for the idols turned artists.

◆ Tokyo Dome concert, set a record
Meet again at the end after a long wait? They came back during the warm spring and their hot comeback in April. Because of various constraints, they were not able to face fans for a long time and with 'The Return of JYJ' in Tokyo Dome, their popularity was once again realized.

The show lasted three days, and despite being on weekdays, performances were sold out, and they had performed their best stage in front of 150,000 fans. JYJ's Tokyo Dome concert forays into history with a stage of 150,000 fans.

◆ Separately or together, a growing group JYJ
In addition to a singing career, three men have steadily continued their activities in accordance with the potential and personality of each member. Park Yuchun had established his presence as an actor through various dramas and movies while Kim Jaejoong is devoted to music. Kim Junsu, with his overwhelming ticket power, has grown into a musical actor.

In 2013, more than ever, each member's individual activity was astounding.

◆ Park Yuchun gained its presence as a performer
He debuted as an actor in 2010 KBS drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and caught every woman's feelings with "Yuchun-heart ache". Comedy or drama, Park Yuchun has brought great results on his rediscovery of acting.

His dramas consistently have high ratings and he solidify his position as a performer when he won Excellence Award for Acting from each broadcast station.

Park Yuchun is working with Director Bong JoonHo on the movie 'Sea Fog' and as confirmed, Park Yuchun will film the 2014 SBS Drama 'Three Days'.

◆ Kim Junsu, musical actor and singer
Kim Junsu has further strengthened his own brand as a musical actor and singer. He released his 2nd album 'Incredible' in July and has announced his Asian tour starting with Bangkok, followed by Shanghai, Australia, Nagoya, and Yokohama, meeting a total of 100,000 fans in seven cities.

He debuted as a musical actor in 2010 with Mozart and has won the Best Actor Award in a musical for Elizabeth, building his position as a musica actor.

And now he appears in the musical December: Unfinished song as a young man who sings the sensibilities of his era.

Tickets are sold out in a short period of time, record breaking to fill up a large stage with his ticketing power.

◆ Kim Jaejoong opens new horizons to release a solo album
In the meantime, as a solo singer, Kim Jaejoong who also is an actor, opens up a new horizon as all-round artist and hallyu star.

Kim Jaejoong's first mini-album I has sold a total of 120,000 copies, also additional 20,000 copies were produced which were sold out in one week. After the repackaged album 'Y' was released, cumulative sales of 200,000 copies has set a record.

Thus, the country representative hallyu star, JYJ's fanbase is unmatched in excellence.

JYJ, whether in acting, musical, singing, excels in whatever field they pursue.

Furthermore, idol turned artist group JYJ is hot as the sun, sweet as red wine after a long time of ripening them. Looking forward to hallyu stars JYJ activities in 2014.

Source: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=04&c1=04&c2=04&c3=00&nkey=201312261457153&mode=sub_view

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