English version for the project ^^

So, the project for JungMin's concert in France is simple : Postcards.

Why did you choose that kind of project ?

It is easy to make and affordable for everyone. Furthermore, people who can't go to the concert can take part to the project too.
More over, as everybody doesn't live at the same place, it can give an overview of other French states out of Paris.
For postcards, choose a small one, a « standard » postcard. We will put all the postal cards in an photo album so it can be easily transportable

What can we write on it and in which language ?
You can write whatever you want : cheerings for the rest of his tour, for his career, his songs lyrics, you can tell him how much you like him, you can draw a little something … In fact, you can write arything that popped out your head as long as it is kind (so, no insults.)

About the language, you can write in French, even if it will be better in English or Korean (but you can write in French then in English, for example ^^).
You sign with a nickname and you can add your age but do not add name or adress. We would like to avoid any kinds of problems so your present would be given.

With the postcard, you can add a present. However, it's really optional. If you would like to buy a gift for him, it must be small such as a jewel, a phone strap, a plush toy … Don't choose food (forget wine, cakes and stuff like that…) or other « products » such as perfumes and do not choose cutting products.

Why ? Because we won't feed JungMin to death and expiration dates could cause problems. Also, JungMin will take the plane again to pursue his European tour.

Mailing adresses will be given by private message, here and on the fanbase's Facebook page. We're three people to who you can send the postcards and/or gifts ^^

The last delay is January 28th to send it all.

If you have any questions, please ask us ! ^^

Do not hesitate to talk about this project, the more people will take part to it, the better it will be ^^

Thanks to @AK_lychee for the translation.

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