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YC: Hello, I am Park Yuchun. Nice to meet you.
JYM: Hello, I am Jung Yumi.
YC: It's been 1 year since I last saw you in Rooftop Prince.
JYM: Indeed, it's been a while.
YC: Have you been doing well?
JYM: Yes, I have. The drama Wonderful Mama was just up on the nominees but I didn't get any awards. Well, let's just say I've been doing well.
YC: You've been receiving lots of love from younger men lately.
JYM: Indeed.. I feel like having a love like war everyday these days. I'm having fun filming lovey dovey scenes.
YC: I...
JYM: Park Yuchun-ssi...
JYM: What is it?
YC: Ah, I just wanted to say I'm a younger man too.
JYM: Ah...
YC: I'm sorry.
JYM: Lately, are you...
YC: Are you asking me how I have been doing lately?
JYM: Yes, I am. You have been busy lately, haven't you?
MC: What are you two doing right now?
YC: I'm sorry.
MC: Is it Xman?
YC: No no, it' s not.
JYM: I'm sorry.
JYM: You have been busy lately, haven't you?
YC: Yes, I have. Lately, I have been busy filming my movie touring the provinces. I will also come back with a new SBS drama next year.
JYM: We will look forward to it a lot.

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Translated by Sheena

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