#chu2koi Ren Story up! (movie spoilers revealed in PV/ep1)
Due to various mistakes, Rikka lost her apartment and began searching for a new place to live. Eventually she was able to move into the Togashi residence. However, the Togashi family, bar Yuuta, moved to Jakarta.

Is this the start of their romantic co-habitation?! Their hearts are pounding.
However, they have to hold back once Kuzuha returns.
The three's mutual living conditions begin during this somewhat disappointing sigh of relief.

On the other side, a new resident has moved into the former Takanashi apartment.
She is the self-styled Magical Dark Lady,
Sophia Ring SP Saturn the 7th,
Satone Shichimiya, the one who Yuuta admired in the past...

And like this, Yuuta's second year of high school begins like this. Definitely not normal in the slightest.

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