[Info] Settlement between C and A

1. The trial's settlement papers suddenly got viewable today. There are up to 10 settlement terms. Sections 3,4,6 are restricted for viewing (i.e. public can't view what is written).

2. The cross-validation of JYJ's exclusive contract, made between Company C and Company A on H22.02.26 (Feb 26, 2010 in Roman calendar)has been completed. (Note: It was not written in the document when it has been terminated. This is important, I think)

3. On the rights of works by artists' activities in Japan that took place before the settlement approval,in accordance with the provisions of Section 7 and 8 of the exclusive contract - any legal action/dispute by Company C and A will not take place anymore. (The contents of these paragraphs in the exclusive contract can't be verified because it is restricted)

4. Company A & C shall not disclose to any third party, regardless of circumstances leading up to the settlement, any settlement terms, litigation articles (both written and oral), and any evidence. (Hence, the viewing restriction)

5. Company A to consent on the contents of the announcement/press release of Company C that will be posted on their homepage. (No announcement has been made yet)

6. Costs of litigation will be shouldered by both companies. The contents of the record of settlement is over.

7. The settlement document will be archived. If instructions will not be followed, the company can petition for enforcement.

Source: @loveJJkaorin

Ruby's note: Basically, the settlement document is completed. However, there are sections that are not available for public viewing. Both companies can not disclose the full settlement terms because this will be a violation of the agreement. C-JeS will release a statement via their website.

Japan Court documents are available for public viewing so fans can come to court and verify.

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