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27th Dec 2013 from TwitLonger

Our interview with @skulleeroz will be on US news-stands next week! In the meantime, here's a preview where we talk Christmas and 2014...

KoolKiwis caught up with AJ McLean just before Christmas and the Backstreet Boy dished on his holiday plans with baby Ava.
“She’s pretty much got it made because she has her birthday then a month later it’s Christmas… so we might need to start giving her stuff on her birthday then repackaging it for Christmas until she catches on! Then when she gets older we can give half on her birthday and half at Christmas.”
The McLeans were planning a low-key Christmas at home in Los Angeles and while AJ admits the big day is now all about Ava, he was also looking forward to exchanging gifts with Rochelle.
“I’ve become an obsessed, huge, neurotic fan of Friends. I had never seen one episode in my life and now I’ve seen all 10 seasons 100 times and I can quote almost every episode.
“So last year Rochelle and I exchanged Blu-ray box sets and now every night before we go to bed we pop on a Friends disc.
“We’re a very simple family.”
While AJ didn’t dish on what he got Rochelle this year, chances are it might have involved some bling from his upcoming jewellery line Ava Jaymes Originals. He has already helped hand-make the first 500 pieces and is also working on a clothing line and baby gear.
Fashion aspirations are set to keep AJ busy in 2014, which will also see him touring BSB’s 20th anniversary record In a World Like This, working on a solo project and preparing to release the upcoming BSB documentary – which already has five stars from Ava.
“We were watching the second-to-final edit the other day and every time she heard my voice she stopped what she was doing and looked at the TV.
“Then I left to go to the gym and when I came home my parents were watching it and my mum said the minute she heard my voice she was all excited and smiling!”

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