Enchantress cosplay update: I'm literally worse than Marco. Sorry guys but it's not possible to have this weekend :(

At least not possible how I want to do it. The wig which was ordered ( didn't arrive in time, this site ships from China which is probably partly why. And after having spent some $200+ on the costume in total I'd rather wait and do it properly with some of the sewing for the legs also not finished as well.

I never really realized how much time cosplays take to do (or how they can be expensive!) so I'm sorry it didn't happen. I'm probably just as disappointed as you guys I really wanted it to happen but I don't want it to be half-assed with the half-costume I have now.

I'm going to continue working on it all (I've already come this far) and figure out when it will be possible! :)

Thanks for all the support, and being understanding and patient guys! · Reply
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