Hey Smartasses, I've put this off as long as possible, but it's time for me to be upfront with you about something that's been going on with me.

Short(ish) version: I've been really, really sick since early Sept. Full body muscle weakness to the extent that just walking difficult, stairs impossible and I even need a neck brace to hold my head up.
Lying down I'm fine, which is great for writing or killing time on social media (thank you all!!), but it's kind of disasterous when you're in a sitcom that requires tons of physical comedy.

Through the fall, I shot as much of @The_Exes as I possibly could, but eventually I did have to (BEGRUDGINGLY) miss two episodes.

Thank GOD for @LeahRemini!! Her first episode airs Jan 1st, and it's truly hilarious, I've seen it. Seriously, you guys will laugh your asses off at her as Stuart's sister.
I promise, you won't even miss me! (Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit?)

Here's how much I love you. Before you even had a chance to wonder "Hey! Where'd that big mouthy blonde gal go?" I thought I'd tell you.....This lucky lady spent 2 fun-filled weeks in November partying at The Mayo Clinic.

Come on...Who's jealous?

This is how, after 4 months & 17 Drs (no lie) I've FINALLY been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder.
Meaning my immune system has decided to go rogue & attack my muscles.
The good news: I'm finally on the right treatment, feeling better & back at work!

I didn't mention it because I didn't want people overreacting (on twitter & FB?? NOO!!)...
I know many of you have experienced similar issues or know people who have, but please try to refrain from diagnosing me. (I do it too!!)

The best way you could help me is not to ask me how I am or tell me about the radish diet cure all or the like. "My cousin ate only radishes for 6 months & it really worked!" isn't really most helpful to me right now.

Oh, and please watch this Wednesday's episode! It's our Very Special Christmas episode, and I AM in this one. It's so funny & moving…trust me, you do NOT want to miss it!!! (Oh whatever, I'm allowed a little shameless plug once in a while.)

I gotta say, TV Land and everyone at 'the exes' have been just amazing, all of them…so patient, understanding, loving & supportive.
It's true that when you're sick, you find out who your real friends are, and these people, along with so many others, like.....Oh Crap. This is starting to sound like a dreadful acceptance speech, so I'll just say you know who you are. Thank you & I love you.

See you tomorrow night at 1030!