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17th Dec 2013 from TwitLonger

From Philippe Lafforgue, owner of La Maison, Marvi Road, F-7/1

Dear Cyril ..
It was pleasure to meet you saturday .. And thank you for your remarks about us.
But after consulting the authorities, my adviser and my partner ..
I am telling you it is impossible to open a place to the public when we serve food non halal. I cannot change the receipts of french food. So we will stand on our policies. Everybody is welcome even pakistani people with a dual national. I don't want to hurt the sensitivity of muslim people.
What u call discrimination, i call it respect.

By the way this week end i was reading the adds in the news and al the adds for renting house in Islamabad was for FOREIGNERS and MULTIMATIONAL COMPANIES ONLY…
Sweedish villas in Lahore are only on rent for foreigners. They refuse pakistani people.
International club in Lahore and Sindh Club in Karachi does not accept pakistani people , EVEN AS A GUEST.
If i go to diplomatic enclave and if you go .. I will go with my passport just showing it and you will have to take a ticket , pay the fees, and going by bus …
The guest house right close mine is only reserved for CHINEESE PEOPLE .
I will stop the list because i don't want to waste your time … But yes so many discrimination in this country …
But I don't…. And i repeat you ..I just opened this place to give to the people an authentic french cuisine .. And it is not compatible with the faith of the people here. So it will remain private .
Best regards!!

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