Twitter log from Les Miles post-practice press conference

@Rome_Chandler: Les is [finally] here. Updates forthcoming from .

@Rome_Chandler: Les on the first practice: "Knocking the cobwebs off, running a little bit, just getting going."

@DellengerAdv: Tigers will practice 7 times here and 5 times at the bowl site. "Nice practice. Everybody was there that we expected to be there."

@Rome_Chandler: Les: "Everybody was there that we expected to be there."

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Jennings: "We should expect to see him play well."

@RabalaisAdv: Miles: Anthony Jennings had a good practice. He will get a lot of practice very quickly.

@Rome_Chandler: Les on the offense under Jennings: "It appeared to be very efficient and with a big play potential in that drive against Arkansas."

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: The veteran wide receivers are enjoying and supporting Jennings.

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Iowa LBs: "Really talented. Really know football. Always in the right spot. Read their keys. Discipline."

@RabalaisAdv: Miles on Jennings: there's nothing we do that he won't be able to do.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Iowa QB tremendously efficient. He can make all the plays. He gets his team in the right checks. Both QBs very similar.

@RabalaisAdv: Miles on Iowa: it's going to be a great challenge for both clubs, a fight to the end.

@Rome_Chandler: Classic. Les on what teams that beat Iowa did to win: "They made better plays at some point in time."

@DellengerAdv: Miles on team getting fired up for Iowa: "You just watch that film" on Iowa.

@Rome_Chandler: A fiery Les: "If they don't get fired up about playing in a quality bowl game against Iowa then there's something wrong with them."

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Iowa: "It's exactly what we need."

@RabalaisAdv: In perhaps the biggest revelation of the day, Miles actually says "Ohio State" on talking about Iowa's opponents.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Met with a couple of the juniors. Nothing different from last year. I think likely there will be a greater reception to staying. Some guys will go and it makes great sense. Some guys will stay and it also makes great sense.

@Rome_Chandler: Les: "I think we were six plays away from playing in the final game."

@RabalaisAdv: Miles on juniors: some will go, some will not. I think more will come back.

@JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Mettenberger is healing and around. He's out at practice, still very much involved.

@DellengerAdv: Miles says there are similarities between Iowa and Bama, when asked about what SEC team is more like Hawkeyes.

@RabalaisAdv: Miles says there are similarities between way Iowa and Alabama play.

@Rome_Chandler: Les on people who haven't bought tickets: "You're going to miss a heck of a game. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to go."

@DellengerAdv: Miles on Mack Brown: "He's done a great job there. Both he and Texas enjoyed the relationship."

@RabalaisAdv: Miles asked about Texas opening. "Let's not get my name into that."

@DellengerAdv: Les Miles is reading the definition of a schooner. I kid you not.

@DellengerAdv: Michael Bonnette confirms that safety Craig Loston has been invited to the Senior Bowl.

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