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[Trans] Naver Music Special :-- 2013 Winter, Music and Lyrics has come!

Translated by: @anicory

2013 Winter, Music and Lyrics has come!
(T/N: 그 남자 작곡, 그 여자 작사 's original name is 'Music and Lyrics'. But it is translated into 'The Song Written by Him and The Lyric Written by Her' in Korean)

Singer-songwriters CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun and Juniel deliver you a sweet love melody in Christmas season with their winter season song 'Love Falls'. The title song 'Love Falls' from the digital single album [Romantic J], which was released on March 9th, is a carol-like love song about young couple's fresh romance. The song was written by Lee Jonghyun and the lyric was written by Juniel. With their sweet melody, the duet's harmony in their song 'Love Falls' has been anticipated by many even before their album is released. And it is on a spotlight whether they will be the epitome of 2013 'Music and Lyrics'! Let's focus on the behind story of the 'birth of this season song' that will be introduced by Lee Jonghyun and Juniel! 'Naver Music' will show you the MV commentary video and the background of stage with Lee Jonghyun and Juniel 's warm and sweetness.


{[Album] CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun X Juniel [Romantic J]}

Lee Jonghyun and Juniel released their winter story season song 'Love Falls'. Lee Jonghyun who is on a killing-schedule with World Tour- Arena Tour, and Juniel who made her debut in Korea last year with hit song 'Illa Illa', and is dubbed as the next generation singer-songwriter have finally met each other. 'Love Falls' has a medium-tempo with their sweet love propose. It is a carol-like love song about young lovers' fresh romance, and it matches with the Christmas season. Lee Jonghyun and Juniel, who became a couple that fell in love, added sweet and lovely mood to the song. 'Love Falls' is FNC Entertainment's first winter season song project and they will give you romantic and lovely melody for this winter.


{That man Lee Jonghyun, and the woman Juniel 's behind story of the season song.}
(T/N: The sentence looks awkward, but my annotation regarding "Music&Lyrics" will help you understand this sentence)

Q. Could you tell me why did you compose this winter season song 'Love Falls'?

Lee Jonghyun : Well.. It was what I had thought before but with no exact planning. I wanna make a carol that warms people when they listen to the song for the first time. Then, I was given this great opportunity so I made the winter season song on my own. And that song is 'Love Falls'.

Q. What is your inspiration in making 'Love Falls'? How did you make a duet with Juniel?

Lee Jonghyun : Winter is coming and the feeling of winter's scent touching my nose... I got inspirations through the moment of trivial thing like what I mentioned. And I thought it would be much better when I make lovely duet song that is sung by both man and woman. After that, I began to find the woman singer who can sing with me. And I chose my fellow label mate Juniel, as I thought she will go well with this song. As I was composing, Juniel made the lyrics and it really became a duet.

Q. What was your main point when making the lyrics of 'Love Falls'?

Juniel : Well.. imagining winter and the end of year listening to music, the word such as white snow, couple, the couple loving each other, Christmas hit upon me! I focused on the feeling of words that I have thought, and made the lyrics. When you hear 'Love Falls', it feels like love really falls. Everyone! Please love it a lot.

Q. Do you have any memorable episode when filming for the music video?

Lee Jonghyun : As the feel of the music is fresh romance and the concept of the music video is the story of high school students.. I had to wear a school uniform. A school uniform in 24 ........ was what I had in mind. (laughs) I was really embarrassed. I filmed the video with real middle school students, and the long video shoot was hard for me. But filming the video was fun as it reminded me of my school days.

Juniel : Lee Jonghyun sunbaenim was really embarrassed because of the school uniform... But since I'm a school uniform model now.. (laughs) The school uniform was not awkward for me. It really goes well with me.. As Lee Jonghyun sunbaenim and I get along so well as if we are brother and sister, it was hard and a bit awkward for us to act as a couple.

Q. What did you think when making a duet on this season song?

Lee Jonghyun : It has been a long time since I knew Juniel, and we are in good terms, so I was happy to be able to work together. I just get along with her as if she is my sister, but I had a meaningful time with her as co-worker who can help each other with music this time.

Juniel : First of all, I feel honored to work with Lee Jonghyun sunbaenim who gets along well with me! And I was really excited to work on the new season song! I thought it would be fun as he is really relaxed and nice. I look forward to the first week of album release as I can be on music shows with him. Love our song and music video a lot please !


{[Commentary] CNBLUE Lee Jungshin, Lee Jonghyun and Juniel's commentary video of 'Love Falls'}

We are showing you commentary film of three persons who are watching music video of 'Love Falls'! Male lead CNBLUE Jonghyun and female lead character Juniel, and one more special guest! A frank and attractive man of CNBLUE Lee Jungshin will be telling you the detailed explanation of the MV story and watch our commentary video with behind episode too!

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