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12th Dec 2013 from TwitLonger

@ggreenwald @sibeledmonds @wikileaks @pierre This stupid feud has gone on long enough. It is tearing apart factions who should be natural allies.

Wikileaks is bitter over the Paypal blockade that Omidyar had little or nothing to do with, I get that, it's over. Work together to fix whatever lingering issues you have over it. I'd be more sympathetic to wikileaks, but frankly, the website is poorly designed in general and has all kinds of issues.

And has it occurred to any one else that Edmonds may be mislead by her sources? If anyone is going to be targeted for an "influence operation" it will be Wikileaks, and/or NewCo, the paypal issue is merely the weakest link in the chain. A wedge used to divide and weaken allies.

Greenwald, I believe you're not despicable, nor driven by profit motive. I believe you are fully committed, and for the right reasons. The very worst thing that I can say about your stories is that your desire to get them out quickly has lead to some technical mistakes and conclusions not fully supported by released documents, which your pride will not allow you to admit and correct. I disagree with you on some technical points, but NOT on principle. I merely am concerned that any rough edges on the details and unsupported conclusions will jeopardize the greater message.

Edmonds, you may be sincere, but your last rant was entirely unsupported by documentary evidence. If this is a flaw in Greenwald's stories, it is a flagrant error in yours. Greenwald's pointing out some of your wilder ones may have been a low blow, but not without merit. They also damage the credibility of your more solid ones, Russ Tice in particular. Documents are the key to the Snowden stories. Best advice I have: show 'em if you've got 'em.

The accusations of Snowden Exploitation on Greenwald's part are also without merit. It is utterly clear from Snowden's own statements that he chose his own course with eyes wide open. It appears he fully expected to be in jail by now, or dead. He is doing much better than that. He nearly made Time Man of the Year, and has earned considerable respect worldwide. Moreover he is free, and in a position to speak if he chooses. A great deal of the reason WHY he remains free is because he has fierce defenders, like Greenwald, they are critical to his long term survival.

Wikileaks, Snowden was not abandoned by the Guardian, if they had been arrested or even detained, there would be no story whatsoever. Failure to get the documents safely in the hands of reporters WOULD have been an abandonment. You did a tremendous service by pulling his feet out of the fire, for which Harrison really does deserve a Medal. But you need to recognize the Guardian is walking an exceptionally fine line, even now, if they push too hard, they could be shut down, their editors and reporters jailed, to the detriment of the country, and even the world. They need your support, desperately. Further, the rift over paypal risks spilling over into a rift with Greenwald as he joins forces with Paypal's founder. This must not be allowed to happen. Mend fences before it does.

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