Here's Moulana @EbrahimBham's transcript at #MandelaMemorial

I begin with the opening chapter of the Holy Qur’an:

Alhamdulillah Rabil Alameen:
All praise is due to the Almighty Lord of the Worlds who is Unequalled and Unmatched in all His Attributes
Ar Rahman Ra Rahim:
The Beneficent, the Merciful
Malik yaumi Deen:
The Master of the Day of Judgment
Iyyakanabudu wa iyyakanastaeen:
Oh Almighty Lord! You Alone we worship and in You Alone do we seek assistance from.

We extend our condolence to the Mandela family and to the nation during this time of sadness for the passing away of Madiba, a global icon of freedom in recent times.

We place on record our indebtedness to Madiba for his selfless efforts, in salvaging the nation and leading it to a path of peace, reconciliation and harmony, and laying the foundation of a free and prosperous South Africa.
O Almighty Allah! O Our Lord! Our Supreme Lord!

We beseech [of] You that future leaders of this great country, and leaders of the entire world, and people of this country, and people of the world, would stand up for the ideals and vision our Madiba strove for.

As Madiba never lost an opportunity to reconcile people, we pray to You, Almighty Lord, let us strive towards peace, harmony, reconciliation, on the basis of human dignity.

As he made everyone feel important whenever he met them, we ask of You, Almighty Lord, let us acknowledge each other in our places of work, and our places of residence.

As he stood up to injustice and illegal wars, let us do likewise, even if it is [wars] waged by the powerful.

As he stood up for the oppressed people of the world, we pray to You, Almighty Allah, to help us sustain that resolve and realise, we preserve our [own] freedom by helping others towards freedom.

As he was kind and merciful, and as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him said):
Ir rahmuw min fiy al ardh Yarhamkum min fiy as samaa
Have mercy and kindness to people in this world, the Almighty will show kindness towards you.

We ask You, Almighty, to plant in the hearts of every human being, the seed of kindness.

As Madiba lived an example showing us the spirit of self-sacrifice, we ask of You, Almighty Lord, grant us the grace of resisting corruption and temptation.

Finally, on this prayer we ask Almighty Allah! Let us dedicate ourselves to the good ideals he strove for in his life.


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