[trans] "Cool Kidz" Max Changmin, Popularity Context with Japanese comedian in the heart of downtown

Max Changmin will have a popularity contest against Japanese comedian Tamura Hiroshi.

The "Cool Kidz" basketball team took part in the Korean-Japanese Lifestyle and Sports Exchange Festival, and had a special match against the slam dunk team from the Japanese basketball team.

The Japanese slam dunk team comprises of 9 players selected from Japanese basketball clubs RBC, Kirin, Again, and most of them began their extraordinary careers by watching slam dunks during their childhood. They are strong opponents, with their background in basketball being 10 years and above and players who have played in the 2nd league and players who had targeted being professional basketball players.

Amongst these players, Tamura Hiroshi made the first move to play mind games as he boasted that his popularity was close to Max Changmin.

Tamura Hiroshi is a famous Japanese comedian [other details about him omitted].

Tamura Hiroshi tried to ruffle Max Changmin up by saying to him, "Max Changmin's popularity isn't even half of my popularity", to which Max Changmin replied with a dig at Tamura Hiroshi's recognition levels, "People said you are one of the top comedians in Japan but I haven't seen you at all before on TV".

Max Changmin and Tamura Hiroshi then had a real-time survey of popularity levels in the heart of downtown. In order to prove their own hot popularity, they showed off their desperation on the spot and used all their energy to shout loudly etc, igniting a battle. The broadcast will be on Dec 10 at 11:20pm.


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