Eyewitness account of 30 car pileup, December 8th, 2013. Conditions this morning went from ok to impossible in a matter of minutes.  We, as well as the vehicles around us, were driving under posted limits and staying in our lanes because the visibility was rapidly diminishing due to light swirling snow from the roadway as well as blowing snow. Just north of hwy 20 it became a white out and when it cleared a car was spinning across the lanes in front if us and two other vehicles ahead had already collided. We drove toward the median to avoid the spinout, but did hit that car, then the median wall and came to a stop. We could hear impacts around us and then we were hit from behind. Next a tractor trailor skidded to a stop next to our passenger side, blocking us from further impact. Eventually we exited the car and then witness the horrific size of the accident. What was most compelling was the compassion of others who were shaking and scared, yet pulled blankets and first aid kits from their trunks to wrap those with head wounds and crying children who luckily emerged with minor wounds from totaled vehicles. When the police came, we were sent in our limping vehicles or shuttled with flatbedded autos to the Hwy 20 Citgo. There we stayed until questioned
released by authorities about 3 hours after the initial impact. The truck stop and Wendy's staff should be thanked for making us as comfortable and possible. We were able to drive our car back to Hales Corners via the frontage road and witnessed the astounding amount of vehicles still in ditches or crumpled on the interstate. I count myself among the lucky today. Jennifer Neumann

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