I am glad you picked me to spend your Saturday on, because maybe all of this needed to come out. I want to first thank you for taking the time to contact me prior to posting everything on your new website so the facts were straight and the story was accurate. Oh wait, you didn’t. You said you weren’t a reporter, and it clearly shows by you not doing so. I’ll try help you out here as we go.

Before getting into everything else, let’s point out the multiple problems in your post. I never said 5Dimes was going out of business, I said they had a ton of issues they never had before, and are not anywhere near the industry leader they once were. I registered for Twitter in September 2010, so if that was my first post trying to get credibility, I sure waited a hell of a long time, and did so on quite an opinion piece. At the end of the article, I even said, does this mean to take your money out of 5Dimes? No, there are just better alternatives. I believe 5Dimes is the next sportsbook to go down, and I would be careful. I recommended treating the book like a local, taking cash out frequently. You’re in the US, betting illegally, keep it smart.

As for the US to advance odds, I over reacted, I’ll admit that. I do it often. I have since dropped the price to advance to 45/1. USA still stands to win the Cup at “name your price” along with six other countries. We will have a liability limit on which we take. The prop bet of over 0.5 points will be available later next year, and I fully intend to take wagers from those who wish to play. Thank you for saving those tweets, they will do great for promotion in four months-time.
As for the hedging for profit. You’re good, you recognized that. However, working in the Caribbean and South America, it is all about promotion. There isn’t a ton of money down here for the average customer. Gambling is wide spread, and people are not nearly as educated as they are in North America. I am sure no one disagrees with the fact that for every 1 person who recognizes the ability to hedge out on a game like that, there are 50 others who don’t, no matter where you are in the world.

As for my football lines. I could care less if you are trying to arb out with our lines. I post the number where I see fit, that is that. If you are trying to arb, you are betting money with us you normally would not. We don’t pay out both sides of the bet, just the one you bet with us. If you came down to one of our shops, bet $1000 on Auburn +125 on Monday and then went to BetCRIS and bet $1000 on Missouri +125, that’s great. We don’t care what you bet with BetCRIS, we care what you bet with us. The fact is you bet a lot more with us then you normally would. We got volume, we don’t care. More volume, more profit.

As for Bryan Blair, I have known him through betting for a couple years now. We were Facebook friends for sometime. He occasionally paid for my information. With my new PayPal setup (one I will get to in a bit, with details) I do everything on a daily basis. He purchased the plays through a PayPal account with a different email then he used. All emails went to the email associated with his PayPal account. I send to PayPal accounts by default, as names in email’s and email address themselves rarely ever match up. If I have to play the guessing game on whos email is whos, I’d spend more time doing that than watching games. It is common sense to know if you purchase something with an address, it gets sent there. I admitted the issue, cleared things up with him and have email and delivery receipts to prove each one was sent out.

As for DSI and WagerWeb, I fully stand behind both of their services. I am not sure what this has to do with anything or why you brought it up, but I’ll explain the benefits of both. WagerWeb offers the quickest payouts in the industry person to person. They have a solid reputation and stepped it up by buying out Legendz accounts after they shut down. Stand up move on their behalf, I like their service and promote it. BetDSI is an affiliate book of CRIS, they run the same software and share the same support. They have the most in-game betting options, and most central and south american sports options, something I promote through my email list. They are the only sportsbook available to US customers which actually have physical locations, and therefore in my mind, the most secure option. If you are in Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Dominican Republic or Venezuela then you can physically walk into a CRIS/DSI/5Star shop, and bet with your account, withdraw funds ect. They are the best in the industry, and actually have something physical which exists, unlike any other sportsbook available to US customers.

As for the handicapping allegations. This is going to take a while.
It all started back in 2006. Our family had moved from a town of 1,500 people to a city of over a million. I was 14, and went from having a close group of friends to not knowing a single person. I had always played sports, loved sports and done everything with sports. I had a ton of free time on my hands, and ended up caught up in the poker wave at the time, and began watching cards all the time on TSN. I ended up buying a prepaid visa gift card just before Halloween of 2006 and depositing into Poker Stars under my brothers name. I played for hours, heard about forums, tried to improve strategy everything. I didn’t have much else to do. Mid 2006 I came across sports betting online and the forums. Two interests clicked together, and I jumped right in. I was a huge basketball fan, and began posting on other forums. My forum of choice was Cappers Lounge. At the time it was made popular by Indian Cowboy, who many people are familiar with. I began posting there, under the name Rainman900 (you can google the results and see historic threads) I had the Rainman900 basketball system, and gained an over night following. At the time, 5Dimes was the only book for US players which posted 3rd quarter lines at the half. I came up with a number of angles which proved to be very profitable when betting in the 1st quarter, then if losing, doubling on the 3rd quarter. This system blew up across Covers, RX and MajorWager. I had an affiliate deal with 5Dimes, which is middle of the pack at the time, and referred a bunch of people to their website to bet on these plays. I remember making a little over $3,000 my first month in referrals. I bought the first BlackBerry Pearl before smart phones were cool. Never really had anyone to call, just had it, and used to check scores with it. Those were the days of texting score to google or 466453, then you’d get a message back with the score. I thought ESPN was better.

The system won something ridiculous like 55 times in a row (martingale, if lose 1Q double 3Q). The record was misleading, since there was the occasional double up. Point was it went 55 games in a row, where you made one full bet profit in the game. The threads on forums were doing upwards of 10,000 views a day. Cappers Lounge members numbers went through the roof during that time. I was approached by a guy through the forums who suggested to sell the bets for the rest of basketball and baseball season. I ended up going with him, we did $8000 in sales the first day at $50 a sale for the duration of the 2007 basketball season. He ended up running the money part of things, since I didn’t even have a bank account at the time. We ran things smoothly for a couple months, before it came time to send me the money. I didn’t have ID, so I couldn’t use western union. He ended up sending it in cash in a pair of golf shorts in a birthday card through the mail. I screwed things up, because the day of the delivery, my plan was to fake sick, avoid going to school, and pick up the cash. Unfortunately, I actually really did get sick. Went to the hospital that day, my mom drove me. We got home, the package was in the mail box. She flipped out, as any parent would. Obviously, everything came out, and I was not allowed back on the internet. Since I had the system, and the other guy had the clients, he was left with a client list and no system. I was gone, he began selling my bets to other people, or what he made look like my bets. Results tanked, the list went broke, and he saved face by telling the story, which I eventually had to let out. That was the first time people were “scammed”.

After a couple months of doing nothing, I approached IC asking him if there was any way to get involved with things again. He connected me to a couple legitimate handicapping websites, where I was set up with accounts. Since I was still underage, I was given a different name and personality for the websites. I had to become, Keith Line. In May of 2007, I had just turned 15, and began made making bets as Keith Line. I was on forums, specifically covers, and again, posted the same bets and became extremely popular. In spring 2009, I was 17 years old, and still posting under Keith Line, and making picks for multiple websites. I had a big following at many of them, but was shut down when the owner of the websites asked for tax information to claim. I broke the claim mark and needed to file for taxes. Since I was not a resident of the United States, or of age, I didn’t have a choice. We had to shut down. Subscriptions were cancelled, and players were transferred over to other handicappers.

This was my graduating year, and I moved back to my home town where I grew up to attend school with my friends our final year. I was relatively quiet the rest of 2009, betting and posting my own games. I had an email list which I had back from 2007, and continued to send them emails and provide them with games for a fee. Many of them knew my real name, where I lived, even had my home phone number. Nothing was wrong, and people understood what I could do for them. Really the best time there was. After graduation, I moved to the Dominican Republic, with no other goal than betting on sports, and being involved with the gambling industry some how some way.

I rented a condo in Punta Cana, at Santa Maria Del Mar II inside Bavaro, just down from Danny’s Sports Bar and El Dorado Plaza. Perhaps a name rings a bell for some of you who have gone through there. I moved in late August and in mid-september took a ticket clerk job at what was then Moon Palace Resort. I worked three days a week and made just over $350 pay in the two and a half months I was there. I didn’t care, I was having the time of my life, and the connections I made were in-valuable. Being in a Casino for the first time each day was fun enough, getting to watch the games was even better. I sat infront of the lines all day. I got to know the business better and really had a better grasp for things. I began posting more often about games on covers and of course ballooned in popularity again. I posted until the end of November while I was there, then started a big email list.
In early November, I made a connection with Marc, John Charles and William Russell of Caribbean Gaming Solutions and Kris Thomas of Amaya Gaming. They provided services for many different casinos across the Caribbean and were beginning a sports betting platform. I was given the opportunity to go to Trinidad and Tobago. If you have never been to Port of Spain, and you gamble, you should go. Casinos are frowned upon, but private members clubs are not. All of Maraval is intertwined with a somewhat hidden gambling community. Gambling houses are set up all over. I was in charge of sports betting at three. Players on the Avenue, Palms and Big Bucks. I worked off commission, but it wasn’t outstanding, since it was down season for sports in T&T. I began going back to the email list. I began charging, and had about 85 active members paying two months at a time. This paid my way through my six months in Trindad and Tobago. In April of 2011, I was forced to leave T&T. Race is a huge issue of the country and the city. As the only white and western employee at the time in the club, things turned uncomfortable. I returned back to Punta Cana, in April of 2011 where I was introduced to my current employer based out of The Bahamas.

I began working for them at the end of the month, right when I turned 19.
I was in charge of moving, and grading lines for all sports. At the time I was not given the right to open lines, only move based on action. I worked doing that, along side my email list. With employment, I went back to Canada in the summer of 2011 to spend with friends and on the golf course. From the winter of 2010 to the summer of 2011, things had gone as smooth as they could have with the email list. We were up a ton of money. Unfortunately, June came around and I got absolutely murdered on the NBA Playoffs.

I had Oklahoma City and Chicago big in the semi finals, then Miami big in the finals. Ended up losing a ton, and people couldn’t handle it. One of the people who knew who I really was hit the forums, and posted my information and address and phone number. Only problem was, I didn’t live in Canada anymore. Once again, my parents took the blunt of the problems. My mom was tracked down and hassled at work. My dad was getting multiple calls a day from people demanding their money back. Most of all people we furious because I was under age. There was a call made to my sisters school, who was 13 at the time. It was ridiculous, and it all came from a number of people. It was really bad, and people took things way too far. I had no choice but to stop things again to try control the situation.
These people went on to forums and posted about how much money I lost them, and how much I owe from that, and still to this day hinders me from time to time. The most ridiculous part of it all, was there was still so much profit from the past half year, it didn’t make sense.

I returned to the Dominican Republic later than fall, still working for my currently employer in The Bahamas. In December 2011, I began running my West Coast Totals again. They were too good not to. This time, I was bashed for using my real name. I didn’t have to use Keith Line any more, but the heat I took for using my name was remarkable. The same people couldn’t handle it, and went to the forums again with the goal of shutting everything down. It didn’t bother me, by this time it was all becoming so over the line, it was remarkable. Things were smooth and steady as usual until in April, after being way up again, the person who now goes under the name Totals 4 You, who was a very long subscriber of mine, began reselling my bets, claiming they were his. Of course this upset a number of people on my list, as he used a Twitter and Forum following to “expose” me like so many have done so many times, and claimed everything I was selling was his. Now of course, he is all over the place and posting EXACTLY what I had done for years to get his success. He began posting rumours that I was the same person, and holy christ, it was just too much. I finished out everyone’s sub through August 2012 and quit clean.

I did next to no posting anywhere for a couple months. One year ago, I began doing some odd posting here and there. I was still going steady with my one company and still am today. The day after the Superbowl this year, I met my girlfriend in Punta Cana. We spent the summer at home in Canada, before moving to Colombia where she is from to live in Medellin this October.

At the end of September this year, I started an email list under my name for 99 cents per day. I do not do anything longer than one day commitments, because of the trouble they have led to in the past. All my subscriptions are through one link and one link only. It states clearly that it is a recurring subscription. This makes it easy for people who want to stay on the list for longer than one day, and does not force them to make the purchase every day in time. It also makes it just as easy for people who do not want to purchase more than one day, as right after purchase, in PayPal there is a dashboard which allows you to stop, start or suspend your subscription. My email list members get all of my public burials which are games that have more than a $12.50 to $1 liability at the sportsbook. They also get West Coast Totals, something I have done for years and of course, all my south american soccer and baseball bets. People will ask why do I give out picks? No other oddsmakers or people in the industry do that? Oh yeah? Look at a majority of DonBest. The truth is for me and my girlfriend to live in Colombia, all we need is $1500 a month. Rent is $400, bills are no more than $150. I make $3,300 a month non-taxed through my one job. If I can save that each month and run a service for others and make money to live off of doing it, why wouldn’t I do it? Sending the emails I do keep me even more in touch with what I do then if I did not. If I have 75 people paying me a dollar a day to ask my expertise on games, and they can make money off it, absolutely. My records are posted every day in every email.

Entering today they are:

Email List Record (each underdog risking $100, each favorite to win $100):
Week One (9/28-10/5) 17-21-1 +$190 Profit from $3985 Risked
Week Two: (10/6-10/12) 11-12-0 -$125 Loss from $2525 Risked
Week Three: (10/13-10/19) 10-1-0 +$1175 Profit from $1150 Risked
Week Four: (10/20-10/26) 6-2-1 +$510 Profit from $950 Risked
Week Five: (10/27-11/02) 5-3-0 +$190 Profit from $880 Risked
Week Six: (11/03-11/09) 3-5-0 -$440 Profit from $840 Risked
Week Seven: (11/10-11/16) 5-10 -$480 Profit from $1570 Risked
Week Eight: (11/17-11/23) 12-8-1 +$860 Profit from $2220 Risked
Week Nine: (11/24-11/30) 8-5-0 +$510 Profit from $1415 Risked
Week Ten: (12/01 - 12/07) 4-2-0 +$300 Profit from $690 Risked

Regular Bets: 81-69 +$2690 Profit from $16215 Risked for an ROI of 16.5%.
Public Burials: 12-3 +$970 Profit from $1760 Risked for an ROI of 61.3%.

I currently work for Paradise Intl, and am in charge of sportsbook operations. We work on a heavy promotion basis. As I mentioned above, this industry is separate from the one you know. We work on a walk in basis. Many people betting with us don’t have 5Dimes accounts and don’t go on Twitter and don’t even have access to watching ESPN from the United States. People get so close minded about what the betting world really is, when in reality, everything that happens in the United States is 10-15 years behind everywhere else in the world. When people want to gamble, but don’t have a lot to do so, it becomes 100% promotion. When I take a stand with Denver -2.5 vs. San Diego, and we have 1300 people bet the game instead of 500, it is a huge win for us. Did I think San Diego was going to win that game, absolutely. Everyone got so hung up on that, they totally ignored my Oakland New York line which was significantly lower. They completely ignored everything else I did and jumped all over me for that one game. That right there is the very point of what we do here, and how it works here. When someone jumps on you, you get burned just as many times as not, but every single time, it always comes back to you. That USA draw for the world cup worked out so well for us. We are going to have so much money from people who were born and raised in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil who instead of betting their own teams, are betting on the USA. If they win, they are going to have more money then ever to bet on their own teams way over their head at an extremely emotional time. Everyone saw the posts I put on Twitter of the guy losing 24K in one hour in-game betting the Skins. He started with $500! It always, always, always comes back here.

I admit, if I was in Vegas, where there is competition and everyone is under the microscope, would my lines be different? Yes. Absolutely. That is not the case here. It’s about confidence and promotion, something I have learned to become very good at. If someday betting becomes legal in the US, I hope to be able to bridge the game. In the mean-time, I will make sure, that come May, all of the World Cup odds, including that prop I listed on US total points will be wide open to each and everyone reading this article.

I have taken a strange and unusual path through the industry. There has without a doubt been questionable times along the way. Have I ever deliberately set out to set up a scam and drain people of money. No. Everything I have ever done has been as legitimate as it could be. If someone got burned in the past, it was a cause of their own doing. I don’t think anyone reading this would have not cut someone off a betting list if they threatened your family. When someone called my mother and said I am going to kill you if your son doesn’t give me back what I lost betting his games, I feel I have every right to cut them off. If my goal was to scam others, I wouldn’t be standing here today. For every one person who I have "scammed" or "burned" which are ridiculous terms, there are 200 who appreciate what I do, and have been along the way for years.

If anyone ever has an issue with anything I do, you can contact me directly.
I am on Twitter @oddsmakeradam, I am on Linkedin under my name Adam Chernoff. My phone number here in Medellin is 574-485-8417. If you want to dial out from the US, put 011 before the number. My email is betenfutbol@gmail.com.

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