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5th Dec 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Kim Junsu, "Painful first love after debut...I'm a fool at dating"

JYJ member and musical star Kim Junsu bashfully talked about first loves.

Kim Junsu sat down with Star Today at a cafe in Samcheong-Dong in the afternoon of December 5th
and said, "I had my first love after debut. First love is painful."

Kim Junsu plays the male lead Yoon Jiwook in the musical 'December'. Twenty year old Jiwook falls in love with a female student at first sight and begins his first love.

He says, "This production is a bit different than those from before as there is a lot of dialogue. As acting plays an important part, I am facing a new challenge" and "My 20 year old self comes back to mind and I become immersed in the emotions. I too remember my 'first love'".

He says shyly, "If I look back at myself, I think I was a fool that becomes small when faced with love, just like Jiwook in the musical" and "I become shy in front of the opposite gender just like before, but it was really serious back then."

He continues, "During middle and high school, I lived crazily for my dream. There was nothing but music and dance" and "I had my first love after debut. Men don't seem to come to like someone as time goes by, we fall in love at the first feeling. I was like this too."

Additionally, he explains that "In the musical, Jiwook accidentally meets his first love, which he thought would die off. If this happened in reality, I think I would been very shocked" and "In reality I would face the matter and ask for her number. I'm not absolutely sure but I don't think I would've let her go just like that."

"I think that the audience's faint, previous memories will come back to them as they watch our production" and "They will be able to smile at their past, vibrant loves."

On the other hand, December is a juke box musical in which one can meet Kim Gwangsuk through a love story between 20 year-olds, raising anticipations. It is a collaboration between Kim Junsu, Park Gunhyung and director Jang Jin. One can hear all of Kim Gwangsuk's self written songs and unreleased songs. It will premier on December 16th at the Sejong Cultural Center.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131205n35226

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