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18th Nov 2013 from TwitLonger


This has been a very important day for me for multiple reasons. I won't go in details, but sometimes everything just falls into its place. Today was this day, the most important reason being that I reached Grandmaster on the North-American(!!)server. After dedicating so many hours to playing this game, it feels good to get something back that is considered such a huge achievement. The best thing about it is that I was playing from Europe (this means that I was playing with a disadvantage because of lag). I am extremely proud and I would like to thank my friends, family, fans and of course my team! I hope you guys will keep on supporting me in the future!! With your help I will get my career to an all time high. Thanks for the support~~


#aslongasyoubelieve #dreamscometrue #workhardplayhard #dedication #nolimit #nevergiveup #wayaheadofthemeta #dicey #starbucks #yolo #blazeit420

You lose 100% of the ladder games you never play

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