@RyanMaue @BigJoeBastardi @ClimateRealists @ClimateDepot I've had enough of this constant Haiyan disinformation so in goes my official complaint to the BBC. I don't expect much from it, but if everybody accepts this then they just keep getting away with it.
My complaint to the BBC in full. I want an answer so if I don't get it then it can go on public record:
"I am becoming dismayed at the persistent disinformation being peddled on BBC news shows (general news, BBC Breakfast, Radio 4 Today) about typhoon Haiyan. It is still being reported as being close to the strongest typhoon EVER (your emphasis) to make landfall, when in fact over 50 such typhoons have proceeded it and over 30 have had a lower central pressure (a common measure of intensity and a direct effect on storm surge) - reference: http://models.weatherbell.com/tokyo_sub900mb. If you actually ever bothered to do proper investigation, instead of pandering to those with views that carry their own agenda on climate change, you would discover there is no trend in typhoon regularity or intensity - reference: http://hockeyschtick.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/was-haiyan-strongest-storm-ever-no.html?spref=tw. It doesn't take much to find this information yet you persist in airing reports claiming 350kph (217mph) wind speeds. If you compare the recent US tornado damage to Haiyan you will see by the state of the palm tress that they were NOT tornado strength winds.
Lastly there is absolutely NO evidence of this storm having ANYTHING to do with the current concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere.
I am so cynical about your motives for persuing this line of reporting I fully expect this complaint to be deleted as soon as you see the title. Can you restore any faith in your organisation and pay attention to this?"

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