(Trans) #JYJ NII 2013 Winter Heart Campaign

JYJ: Hello, we are the NII exclusive models, JYJ!
JJ: You must know it just by looking at the clothes we're wearing, right?
JS: Yeah!
JJ: The clothes that make you do good deeds.
YC: Heart.
JJ: Right, right, right.
JS: T-shirt.
JJ: These Heart T-shirts are really kind clothes that give one portion of their sales profit to donation for people in need.
YC: The ones you can do good deeds with just by wearing it.
JJ: That's right.
JS: The ones that make you very proud.
JJ: There are a lot of neighbours in need who are waiting for your small helping hand, everyone. I hope many of you will take part in this campaign event in which you can become their greatest hope with your warm heart.
JS: Yup!
YC: Thank you~
JS: So I hope many people will wear these Heart T-Shirts. Thank you! Bye bye~~


Translated by Sheena

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