Cheongdamdong 111 - Members' profiles

Jung Yonghwa:

'Politician Yong' Jung Yong Hwa (25 years old)

Profile: CNBLUE / Leader, Lead Voal, Guitarist

Personality: Absolute Role Model Student

Jung Yong Hwa - The proud right hand man of the representative! His position is always on the right of the representative. The icon who set an example in FNC, Yong Hwa is courteous to people at all times, thus earning the nickname of "Politician Yong" as he likes to shake hands.

For CNBLUE members, Yong Hwa being the big brother & showing leadership capability, has an unshaken popularity no. 1 position among trainees & staffs, hence, being known as the symbol of warmth. Lyricist, Composer, Singing to Acting! The omnipotent Yong Hwa became an object of envy to all with his multi-talented, and good-looking image.

Lee Jonghyun:

Busan Man, Lee Jong Hyun (24 yo)

The charismatic feels by only looking at his appearance. But despite living in Seoul for 7 years, he still trying to fix his Busan satori. He don't want to look old fashioned. This heartwarming man is sometime still feeling awkward. He loves music as much as he loves exercise. To JH, 'music is like a 6-pax', once a man did something, he must end it like a man! Anytime and anywhere, he will try hard to practice his guitar skills.

Kang Minhyuk:

Game Addict, Kang Minhyuk (23 yo)

In charged in house chores, accommodation, a silent dorm-mate and CNBLUE's "살림꼰". However MH is called as "crazy fighting spirit" when it comes to games. Not only he's a games prodigy, he's also good at ball sports. Differs from the visuals of FNC girls. His appearance at the same time shakes the hearts of female employees within the company and named as "official lead man" by the girls.

Lee Jungshin:

Emotional, Lee Jungshin (23 yo)

As a member of the longest legs in FNC and still grows-in-tall idol. One of the most busy member in charge in buying groceries, cook his speciality "miso stew", a maknae that has a good deeds. CNBLUE cute maknae (!) who's showing an emotional acting in drama. He's called by name 'kamjongshin (emotional)' among members. Have big interest in fashion, designing his own fashion items and he's also a multi player.

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