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15th Nov 2013 from TwitLonger

Ashley Greene and Anton Yelchin new movie - filming starts next week. - “BURYING THE EX” Feature Film 11-07-13 !

STATUS: November 18 LOCATION: Los Angeles
PRODUCER: Frankie Lindquist - Mary Cybriwsky - Cassian Elwes - Carl Effenson
DIRECTOR: Joe Dante WRITER: Alan Trezza CAST: Anton Yelchin - Ashley Greene

Romantic-comedy with a supernatural hook. Max (Yelchin), an all-around nice guy and film fanatic, and his overbearing but incredibly beautiful
girlfriend, Evelyn (Greene). Their relationship takes a nosedive after they decide to move in together and Evelyn turns out to be a controlling,
manipulative nightmare. Max realizes it’s time to call it quits, but there’s just one problem: He’s too afraid to break up with her. Fate steps in when
Evelyn is involved in a freak accident and dies, leaving Max single and ready to mingle. Several weeks later, he has a chance encounter with Olivia, a
cute and plucky girl who just might be his soul mate. But that same night, Evelyn returns from the grave as a dirt-smeared corpse and she’s
determined to get Max back…even if that means turning him into one of the undead. (November 18 – December 17)

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